IME Roth FAQs Part 1

IME Roth FAQs Part 1

Post by Arthur De » Fri, 12 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi everybody !

This is part of a conversation I have had with Phil Squire, a fellow RSTer
sweden. Phil wants to race in IME Roth this year and asked me some
about the race, because I made it in 97. We thought that some of the
might be of interest for other want-to-become racers in Roth.
Conversation is posted here with kind permission of Phil Squire. Because
were lots of questions there will be two or three parts of these IM Roth
FAQs appearing on RST

Phil writes:
>As for questions.......billions!<
>Is the race organization as good as one would expect from the Germans?<

Organisation seemed perfect to me, but Ive got nothing to compare. For me
as a
middle-of-the-packer, there were no deficits in the organisation.

>How do the transitions work, are they in different places?<

T1 is located at the Rhein-Main-Donau-Channel. T2 is close to the finish
line in
Roth city centre.
T1 consists out of several lanes at the water exit.In those lanes, all the
bags of all the racers are lined up by race numbers. All those lanes lead
to a
large tent. You run out of the water, pick up "your" bag out of "your"
lane, run
into the tent, change, go out and grab your bike.
In T2, volunteers will catch your bike, put it away. You don`t need to take
of it. You run through the already-known "lanes", grab your bag, run (or
?)into the tent etc.etc.
There are lots of volunteers assisting the racers in both T-areas: pull
down your
wetsuit, rub your neck with sun protection, give you your running shoes
Important: You don`t need to worry about transportation of your equipment.
all there right by the finish line. Finding those bags and your bike after
an IM
race is not so easy at all, but don`t worry, nothing will be lost or

>Is the bike a draft fest?<

There are two bike rounds to do. First round is drafting pure in it`s
original sense. This is no time trail, this is road racing. No way to
escape it
unless you are Mr. (Mrs.) Wonderbike or real, real slow. Race Marshals
won`t do
anything in the first round, just herd the masses of racers to the right
side of
the road. You will find yourself in packs of 100 - 200 racers.
Second round is different, because the racers are now widely distributed on
course. Race Marshalls will give penalties now.
How is the swim: navigation, crowded, water clear etc?

>Is the bike course "generally" windy?<

No. Generally not.

How is the road surface?
Good in 80%, a little bit rough in 20%. No potholes.

>Are there plenty of aid stations?<

5 aid stations on the bike course, one every 20 KM (12,5 mls). 21 aid
stations on
the run, one every 2 KM (1,2 mls). No aid stations in the swim.

I will take a break here, part two of IMroth FAQs will be here in one or
To Phil: best regards, good training and stay healthy. Hope this helps.