Race Report: My First Triathlon- 1998 Tri-Shark (long long ok it's long)

Race Report: My First Triathlon- 1998 Tri-Shark (long long ok it's long)

Post by Chris Plesk » Mon, 08 Jun 1998 04:00:00

Quicky summary
600yd swim  13 mile bike  5k run
Finished my first triathlon in 1:10:10 offically
Time of about 1:09 minus mechanical difficulty on the bike
First in 16-17 male age group
Fourth male under 20
47th out of 278 (40th with a 1:09)
About 10 min off the winner's time

Long Report
Gosh where to start...

I guess it all started years ago when I got to watch Ironman Hawaii on
TV once a year.  I only did team sports, ran the mile I about 9:00,
couldn't swim, and to me those guys in Kona wheren't even real. Then I
got to high school and ran track my freshman year.  The winter before I
started running a little, not a lot though.  But if i really tried I
could run a solo mile in under 7:30 which was faster than ever in my
life.  Then I ran hurdles for track which I still do (and hold the
school's freshman record).  My coach told me to bike over the summer and
so I did.  But when you try to commute everywhere on a kmart bike, it
did as the bike gods have decread and broke.  Finally I conviced my
parents to buy me a road bike... I got it used for the outrageously high
price of $325.  Put some used aero bars on it and used clipless pedals.
I road about 250 miles that summer. about the weekly total of Chaz but
hey I was new to this :)  Then I found rst...stumbled across
unknowingly.  what did i get myself into?  Well a week after i was a
confirmed rst lurker i did my first swimming of more than 25 yds in my
life.  750 yds in a pool in about 20 min.  man that swim thing sure is
hard. But man I was hooked.  I gave up soccer halfway though the season
and ran Xcountry.  Then for the first time in 9 years I stopped playing
basketball.  I was gonna join the swim team dammit and learn how to
swim.  And swim I did.  For the next 3 weeks I couldn't feel my arms.
But after 3.5 months i could swim and swim well.  I dropped to 1:02 for
the 100 free and was voted most improved on the team.  Then spring came
and i began the count down to the first tri.  First forty days,  then 4
four then... It was friday the day before.

road races and swim races and school begone it was try season now... i
left after my last final and my mom and I drove to bloomington,
illinois.  I had shaved legs (first time) and all and i was ready.  I
kept telling myself that my only goal was to finish my i knew in the
back of my mind I wanted to go fast.  We drove to the race course and
checked it all out.  It took us and hour and a half to get there and
only 25 min to get back.  Guess we should have gone south on 9 mom.  I
was so e***d.  The bouys were out, the transitition area was going up
and the bike and run courses were all inside the state park.  I was
really beautiful and i was jumping up and down with e***ment half the
time.  So then finally after meeting the race director (Colleen Klein I
think), who was so tremedously wonderful, we left to go back to the
hotel. Got dinner and bagels and donuts for breakfast.  After setting 3
alarm clocks for 4:30 and laying out cloths i went to bed.

I was up around 3:45 but I stayed half asleep and in bed till the clocks
went off.  Then we packed the car and headed to steak n' shake (open 24
hours everywhere) to get my mom  coffee and to get some water for my too
bottles.  Off we drove to the race site. On the way I ate 2 plain bagels
but it took the whole time cause i was so nervous.  It was a little cool
and threating to rain so i was glad I saved all that money for a
wetsuit.  Was one of the first people there so i set up my transition
and bike near the exit from the water.  With my pink towel I was sure
not too miss it.  Then I went to get body marked...cute girl says "Can
you take off your pants?"  being six*** this was a good day already.
got marked 4 different places. oh well. Got my bag off race goodies.
cool free powerbars and gels. I'll save this.  Endurox? just through it
back in the bag to figure out later.  The race shirt was a sweatshit and
it really great as well as the shirt i picked up at the post race party
for $5.  Went back to transititon to get the bike now that some more
people were here.  A quick warm up then I chated with a guy who had a
felt in my rack.  There were more expensive bikes than I had ever seen
in my whole life.  Oh well soon did i find out that it wouldn't make a
difference.  The race was almost ready to start.  After saying goodbye
to the family (good cheering support) I went to stretch and put on the

The Swim
I had only done one other swim in my wetsuit in the open water so I was
a little nervous. Ok a lot nervous.  But with all the other people
around I was ok.  I was in the last wave.  At 8:00 the elites started.
Then all the other age groups and then at 8:17 my wave.  5 min  4 min 3
min a little fly to warm up 2 min 30 sec here we go buzzz!!!!!!!!  I
took off toward the first bouy.  THis clyde next to me veered off course
and plowed some swimmer trying to finish. Ouch!  Then I jsut settled in
and swam as fast as I could will going from bouy to bouy.  One guy tried
to swim over my feet but a quick kick changed his mind.  Before I knew
it I was half way done.  I was passing a lot of blue caps (my wave)
swimming back in but there were a few ahead of me.  I veered off course
coming in to the last few bouys but overall it was a good swim.  Swim
swim swim sand. Stand up and ran up the grass. Goggles off. TIme 26:30
in oxygen debt that was a bout under ten min.  Not bad but not as fast
as it should be.  Oh well course was probably long. That's what dave
said to tell myself.

gogggles down cap off wetsuit off....glasses on shoes on helmet on. get
on bike "schreech!" uh oh.  Get off bike the wheel is not where it's
supposed to be.  shove it and ride out of the transition 100 ft
"schreech! schreech! schreech!" jump off again... bike helper puts the
wheel back in the drop outs faster than I could have in race mode and
i'm off.  Only lost about a minute.

Ok set the computer...hold hold hold blank... ok good lets go.  I
hammered the bike as hard as I could.  Pass pass pass I kept passing
people in the prevous wave.  Miles 1-3 were just fast as I was averaging
23-25 the whole time.  Corner at mile 3 I took too wide and went off
into the grass.  "OOPS! ? yell to the volunteers.  Hammer hammer
hammer.  Damn I'm already 1/3 done with the bike and i don't feel
tired.  Hammer pass hammer pass...mile 10 gosh i'm still averaging 23
even with these little hills.  And to think i only have 700 miles TOTAL
in my life.  Hammer hammer hammer. Coming into the T2 I keep passing
people.  NOt a lot of drafting and only by people who don't know the
difference as I'm 17 min behind all the other fast bikers.  Stop and
clip out.  Hey i didn't get passed that whole ride and averaged 23.5 mph
to boot.  I wonder what I can do on real mileage.  BONUS: I flew past
that guy on the $3000 softride and tons of other cool bikes.  

Helmet off  shoes off run shoes on  run run  "chris get your # belt."
thanx dad.  # belt on run run run out of the T2 and the clock says 1:05
i think.  (minus 17 min for the wave start)

"Wonder if i can make the elite cut for next year"  run run run. hey
there are no other young people out here to chase.  The run was fairly
uneventfull.  Mile .5 oops where did my # go! turn around look "oh ya
it's in back. duH!  start running again.  Mile 1 water station . mmm

anyway... ~mile 1.25  passed by the second person.  uh oh 18 on his
calf  chase chase chase slow down. guess I can't catch him.  more hard
bricks next time.  run run run mile 3 I know i can catch this guy just
ahead of me.   run run run  passed him hey dont fight back faster faster
faster! damn I hate sprint finishes  turn on that 400 power  zoom into
the race chute just ahead. shook hands and both got our applauses for
sprinting 200 meters at the end of and hour plus race. Clock says
1:27:XX cool 1:10 min not too bad.  boy do i feel sick ...recovered from
sprint finish...water. mom and dad say good job even sister says "good
job underware boy"  guess speedos aren't fashionable in 7th grade.  walk
over to bike. Talk to new friends, sit down, shake hands and talk of the
race.  Damn that was fun. recover some more.  

Post Race
I think i won my age group mom there weren't any 16 or 17s ahead of me.
and only a couple of 18s and a 19.  Sister goes and looks at awards
table.  There are 16-17 awards she reports back. Wow i think i won!  Put
on some clothes and check out the food.  MMMMMMM  food there was just
about every kind of food there i could eat.  Plus lots of cute volunteer
girls. "Could u all move to my school?"  oh well  There was a little
kids transistion event and everyone get a medal.  My four year old
brother did that.  
"What did you get nick?"
"A medal"
"What's on it?"
"Triaflon...like you do"
"Yah! give me five"
all this from the brother who asked "are you really gonna swim in that
lake?" before the event.  Then the awards were finally posted.  I was
47th overall out of 272 finishers and 275 starters.  4th under 20 and
first in 16-17 by 20 min!  There was one 16 year old girl but i never
got to meet her. Maybe next year.  At the awards ceremony I got my cool
little shark award.  Not bad for a first timer.  I thanked the race
director and had to leave to go to lunch (more food!)

Lessons for next time
        1) Maybe I should wear a watch
        2) Get psyched for the run
        3) Start doing some real bike training
        4) Swim in the open water more

Next tri is  a local race in five weeks and the the springfield sprint.
Then one more local race before mrs. t's where maybe i'll get to meet
some of you rster's.  Sal i hope you get well soon 'cause this triathlon
thing is a blast!    I am a triathlete!


Race Report: My First Triathlon- 1998 Tri-Shark (long long ok it's long)

Post by Tricia Richt » Tue, 09 Jun 1998 04:00:00


> Quicky summary
> ---------------
> 600yd swim  13 mile bike  5k run
> Finished my first triathlon in 1:10:10 offically
> Time of about 1:09 minus mechanical difficulty on the bike
> First in 16-17 male age group
> Fourth male under 20
> 47th out of 278 (40th with a 1:09)
> About 10 min off the winner's time

> Long Report
> ---------------
> Gosh where to start...

 *  Marvellous, glorious first race report snipped  *

> this triathlon
> thing is a blast!    I am a triathlete!


WOOHOO!!  Wow, what a great report!  Congratulations!  Thank you for
sharing this with all of us.  I can't begin to tell you what a kick I got
out of your story.  Sounds like you are gonna be a force to reckon with in
the junior ranks, and for some time after that.

I'd like to personally thank your parents for encouraging and supporting
you in this sport.  It's an unusual one for most ***s, and I'll bet they
didn't quite know what to make of it at first.  Kudos to them for being
right there for you all the way.

Keep us posted on the next races!



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"REAL Triathletes don't draft."
*** Ironman Canada 1997 - 13:04:09 ***


Race Report: My First Triathlon- 1998 Tri-Shark (long long ok it's long)

Post by Lynne Fonda-Kosore » Wed, 10 Jun 1998 04:00:00


You and Elspeth Crawford are our future. We're in GOOD hands !  Way to go,
Chris. Brilliantly described, thanks so much !  You are VERY strong ;  with
some development, you'll be a major contender. Do you know about USAT's
Juniors Program?  Call Tim Yount at (719) 597-9094 for the details.

Keep up your track, cross country and soccer is okay, too, for winter !

Very best wishes !


>thing is a blast!    I am a triathlete!