Need assistance -- Eighties "Conch Man" mini-tri training chart

Need assistance -- Eighties "Conch Man" mini-tri training chart

Post by J.D. Franklan » Wed, 07 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Been lurking in the ng for a few weeks now; I'm hoping someone can point
me in the right direction.

Back in the mid-Eighties, Remar Sutton (best known as a consumer
advocate) had a column in the Washington Post called "Fit Over (or
After) Fifty."  He started out by developing, and writing about, his
training for the Conch Man mini-triathlon.  The initial column included
a training chart to follow.

I'm looking for another copy of that training chart, to use as a nice
balanced workout.  I tried the Post's website archives -- I located the
article, but it didn't include the chart.

If anyone can help, or get me a copy of that chart -- one way or another
-- I would be very appreciative.  I may never do an Ironman, but I can
certainly start bettering myself.  :)



Torrance, California, USA