Update from Hobart

Update from Hobart

Post by Robert J. Nag » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 08:23:13

Today's weather would be perfect for the event.  The wind which has been
gusting over 40mph has died down and the temperature is in the low 70s.
But the forecast indicates that a front will come through on Saturday
night, bringing rain, much colder conditions and who knows what in the way
of wind.

The pros I've spoken to have affected a certain disdain for the problems
the wind may pose - we'll see !!  Certainly it would not be relevant today
but some groups who've been out on the course in the last few days have
come back with a certain trepidation.  Justified ?  Again, 72 hours will

A certain amount of grumbling has resulted from the ITU decision to
restrict racers to one lane in each direction on the highway.  To some, it
means losing so many riding lanes; others are enthusiastic, believing it
will ensure that passing room will always be available.

With only 23 racers, the women's elite field would seem to reduce to a
fight between Montgomery  (Canada) and Tormoen (USA).  There's much more
depth in the men's race with strong contingents from each of the major
multi-sport countries.  But it's hard to know who's here for this crown and
who's saving their effort for the Tri WC at Wellington next week.

(antipodal) RNman