Noosa Tri. Female Swim Leg?

Noosa Tri. Female Swim Leg?

Post by unw.. » Wed, 08 Nov 1995 04:00:00

One of the main attractions to triathlon in Australia
(I don't know about elsewhere) is recognition of a good effort,
as opposed to winning.

I note that Bradshaw and Harrow were written up in this newsgroup
 as first out in the swim.  If you watch the female swimmers coming out of the
water in elite group, equal first out in fact is a P.E teacher from
Rockhampton, Queensland (even if she is a Kiwi).
Her name is Louise Soper.
 Louise did not quite make the top ten in the elite
group, mainly because of the bike leg, but she is improving daily
and riding with the local cycling club as part of her program.

Even if she only received a cursory note on the TV and was not one of
the top 3 guns who got all the time it was worth watching what we consider
"one of the locals" up there.
Well done Louise!

Les U.