You know it`s still winter when...

You know it`s still winter when...

Post by Malte Buchhol » Tue, 27 Feb 1996 04:00:00

You know it`s still winter when you go on a Saturday morning run with
your training partner on your favourite training course (12k on forest
roads with some pretty good hills), and on the first half of the run
have to work your way through 15-20 cm of fresh powder snow on frozen
ground (o.k., I admit there were some tire tracks some of the way), and
then get to race a two horse open sleigh on the second half of the course
(no jinglin` bells though, but then again it`s not x-mas-time any more)

In case you wonder: We won the race (we were faster on the turns  :-)  )

BTW, I wonder if those horses were racing Clydesdale division  :-)

Have fun,