Which wheels for IME?

Which wheels for IME?

Post by Phil Squir » Tue, 26 May 1998 04:00:00

I'm doing IME in July and I'm considering buying some aero wheels.
Apart from Roth my season will be no-draft sprints and Olympic distance
races. I'm a  MOTP age grouper and currently use 32 spoke MA40s on Ultegra
hubs. My goal time for Roth is 5:40 (the bike that is :-) ) and I would
like to go 1:05:00 for the 40K

What do I buy? (I like the look of the new HED3 and the Specialized Tri
spoke wheels)

The Nimbles are beyond my wallet.

Phil Squire
Going for it in Roth 98.
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