"The Comfort Zone" (new QR neck)

"The Comfort Zone" (new QR neck)

Post by QRma » Fri, 07 Oct 1994 11:47:01

If it takes a big man to admit his faults, does it take a big company to
admit its faults?  I hope not, since our company is pretty dinky.

Just the same, although (IMHO) I believe we make by far the best wetsuit
in the world from the neck down, we are quite average from the neck up.
It's been no secret to us that this is the case, but we had a few things
we wanted to accomplish with a new neck, and didn't want t bring anything
to market until we could get it all right all at once.

Our new neck is called "the comfort zone".  It's quite different in a
variety of areas, and we wanted to make a new neck whereby all its
features were adaptable to existing QR's.

We will be ready to accept wetsuits (only QR's) within two weeks, i.e.,
when we all get back from Hawaii.  So, starting on the 20th of October you
can send your QR in and we'll put The Comfort Zone on any model or year QR
that you have.  

It's not free, but it is guaranteed.  We'll charge $25, plus $5 shipping/
handling.  It won't be advertised in the mags until the beginning of next
year, so if you send your note in with the wetsuits saying you're a
Netter, you'll pay $15 plus the $5.  If you get the suit back and the neck
doesn't do everything you want the neck to do, send us a letter with your
receipt and we'll refund the $20.

Send to:
Quintana Roo
445 Ryan Dr.  #102
San Marcos, CA  92069