World Champs, Wellington, NZ.

World Champs, Wellington, NZ.

Post by Crispin Mar » Mon, 18 Apr 1994 08:47:55

Good Morning Trihards,
                      We're having the Standard Course World Champs here in
 Wellington in November. Does anyone want to know anything about the course or
the  weather? Better be quick because I'm of to Aussie soon. In short

     1) Swim: Wellington Harbour. Mind the Ferries                            :-)
     2) Bike: Motorway and city streets. One big hill.Smooth and rough roads  :-/
     3) Run: Waterfront. Flat as a pancake.                                   :-)
     4) Weather: could be perfect (cool,sunny, no wind, visibility 1000miles) :-)
                 or could be ok      (warm (16C), northerlies, humid)         :-|
                 or could be awful   (cold (8C),gale force southerlies)       8-(

     The weather is almost completely unpredictable here, especially during spring (oct/nov/december) and if you stay for a week or so you'll experience
all three types. It's all to do with Cook Strait and the mountains.You don't
believe me? Well, you'll see! There's a fair chance that it'll be pretty windy
so don't bother with your front discs and get a haircut :-)

     5) Training: you like hills, don't you? Bring your mountain bike. What do you
        mean you havn't got one?

Ok Hope this is useful. Kip Marks (bikes ok, runs ok, swims like a brick :-)