race report IM Roth part 2

race report IM Roth part 2

Post by Arthur De » Fri, 18 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi Folks !
Here`s Part 2 of my race report:
Second boke round, evrything fine up to 112 K. Still feeling good, now
no more drafting, field has split up into single riders. Can keep the
speed at 22 mpp average.
At K 112 drama takes its way: while crossing the railroad tracks my
bottle holders goes automatically to "eject mode". One full water bottle
leaves me. Got only quarter of the jetstream full and one empty bottle
left, giving me some trouble. About 20 K with no sufficient water supply
until the next aid station. Worrying makes me slow down. Grab everything
I can at the next supply station at KM 127. Refill Jetstream, put 2 new
bottles in the back - safe for now. Second time up that damned hill in
Greding feels not so good, but I can manage to keep the speed at 21,5
mph average. Second bike round is 10 K longer than first one, seems to
be never ending from 160 K on. Legs and gluteals start hurting, so I
decide to slow down some more to prepare for the run. Finally reach T 2.
Time so far: total 6hrs 33 min, bike time 5 hrs 23 mins - much better
than I had expected (thanks to drafting in the first round).
Bike is taken away from me, stored somewhere. Grab the bag with my
running clothes on the way to the tent, dreaming of a sub 10 hr finish.
Change clothes (poor volunteer girl stuffs them in a bag). Sit down and
relax, try to feel what the body is like. Wander around in the tent,
having some water, fearing the run. Finally leave T 2, time in
transition was 9 min 13 sec (ouch), start to run after a few walking
steps. Running doesn`t feel like it should, real slow. Legs are tired.
How long is this run ? Temperature now at around 30 Celsius, air is
humid. Say to myself: OK, run some K, legs soon will be better. Run 3 K,
legs still out of order. Run 5 K, same. Stop every 2 K at the aid
station, drink a glass of water and some coke at each stop. After 10 K
legs still don`t want to be with the rest of me. can`t get the HR higher
than 125, or don`t want to because there are 32 K left...
Time for 10 K: more than 70 mins -  what a shame. Thinking by myself,
OK, forget the sub 10 hr dream, stay well hydrated, reach the finish
line, that`s your goal. Keep on "running". No walking in the open, only
through the aid stations. Out here only very few spectators, lots of
athletes walking, some running at a pace close to mine, some good
runners catching up from behind. Faces of most people look very serious
now, most are troubled with themselves. High temp is responsible for
more and more athletes lying beside the treck. Some just resting, some
in serious trouble, paramedics at their side. I wonder how I still keep
on running. HR dropping further to 121, speed (haha) still the same. I
reach the turning point at 21 K after 2 hrs 16 mins. Don`t feel good ,
but also not to bad, the heat doesn`t affect me that much (in fact I
asked my crew later if it had been hot, because I had no impression).
Sqeezy I took with me (Label says "Grape") tastes awful (never tried
this one before, never again will do). Reach the second turning point at
30 K. Legs start to feel better by now - the end is near ! Manage to
pick up some speed, accelerate slowly. At 36 K I can reach my desired
pace, HR now 152. One member of my crew alongside on a bike (never seen
that much coaching in a triathlon before), Mood is getting better with
every step. Enter the stadium where the finish line is, run last K at
full speed. Finally see the yellow digits of the clock and the finish
line. Pass the line, press my watch : 11 hrs 06 mins. I just finished my
first IM. Just a little tired and very hungry. No cramping, no blisters,
no sunburn, no stomach aching - what a lucky guy I am.


race report IM Roth part 2

Post by Peter Priol » Wed, 23 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Congrats Hannes!

     That time is great for your first time out. That's something to
build on for your next Ironman (you doing IMC?, I forgot). Keep it up!

     Oh, one thing. Did they give out applications for next year's
race? I'm entertaining the thought of doing that race next year.

"Iron" Pete Priolo

Sub 10 hour IMC'97
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race report IM Roth part 2

Post by Triwakef » Sat, 26 Jul 1997 04:00:00

GOOD JOB HANNES!!!  I was there too.  It did get a little hot on the run.
For me the race was a dry run for IMC, so the heat was good.  Pete, any
thoughts on rest, recovery, training and then tapering again for IMC?  The
legs are still a little heavy, so i am taking it easy longer than I
expected.  thanks, david


race report IM Roth part 2

Post by Iron Pe » Sun, 27 Jul 1997 04:00:00

>GOOD JOB HANNES!!!  I was there too.  It did get a little hot on the run.
>For me the race was a dry run for IMC, so the heat was good.  Pete, any
>thoughts on rest, recovery, training and then tapering again for IMC?
>legs are still a little heavy, so i am taking it easy longer than I
>expected.  thanks, david

       Well, first off congrats to you both on making it through a tough
race. About your question, I have never done 2 Ironman races in my years
as a triathlete, although it might happen next year, in which I might ask
you the very same question. :-)

     I looked in last year's journal (it's eay when my journal is on the
computer!) and I felt physically recovered 3-4 weeks after IMC. Mentally,
well, I was totally burned out. I couldn't touch my bike for a month
afterward, and couldn't get fully back into training again until December.
    I ask you. Are you guys sort of burned out after this race? How's the
motivation going? Can you fully focus on IMC now that you got one big race
out of the way? I'll be equally interested on how you recovered and
tapered for IMC when we meet in Penticton in a month.
     By the way, about Ironman Germany. Are the applications for '98 out
already?. I'm fearing I'm running a little late on that one for '98.

Good luck recovering. :-)

"Iron" Pete Priolo

Sub 10 hour IMC'97
---Countdown: 30 days until D-Day!!!


race report IM Roth part 2

Post by Friedhelm Bir » Tue, 29 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Hi Hannes,
could You plese post or mail me the second part again - I missed it.

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