Ironman training and heart rates update

Ironman training and heart rates update

Post by Rolf Aran » Thu, 21 Apr 1994 06:14:15

Yes, I know "everyone" has been waiting for this posting.  Several months
ago I received much input from folks on how to setup an Ironman training

I am currently **ramping** the distances gradually up to IM levels
(for Canada).  Current levels are as follows:

Week one - Distance
Monday: rest
Tuesday: swim 2500 yd
         bike 25 mi hills
Wednesday: run 45 min in water
           run 6 miles
Thursday: swim optional (2500 yds)
          Bike (30 miles LSD) or run (8 miles LSD)
Friday: long swim 3000-4000 yds
Sat:  long bike 50-70 miles current
Sun:  long run 12-14 miles current

Week two - Brick (uch!)
Monday-Friday - same as above
Sat: 30-50 mi bike followed by 6-8 mile run (ramping up)
Sun: EASY 20-30 mile bike ride

Week three - Recovery/distance
Monday-Thursday - optional, max 1/2 of other weeks
Friday - LSD swim (2000-3000)
Saturday - LSD Bike 2/3 previous long ride
Sunday - 1/2 to 2/3 previous long run

I really recommend the use of heart rate monitors on long runs.  I keep my
heart rate at about 160 bpm until the last mile of the long runs.  I finish
feeling great every time with no injuries through 2.5 months of longer
runs.  Also my heart rate is **gradually** dropping on these longer runs at
a given pace (yay).  The HRM is really great at limiting overtraining which I
personally think is easiest on the run.  BTW, the Polar Pacer is a great


Rolf Arands