"Millenium reflections", or, "Gatorade at midnight"

"Millenium reflections", or, "Gatorade at midnight"

Post by Treemos » Sat, 01 Jan 2000 04:00:00

So now we have millennium
their Gods have haunted us
tonight we stare it face to face
and find out all the fuss

And all of you who run and ride
and have to even swim
grab your Gatorade and Powerbars
we want you to join in

Hail to the days we were our best
and let's not forget our worst
we've won something every time
even when we weren't first

Toast to all the friends we've made
at transitions through the years
who bade us well before the races
made us laugh off all the fears

A kiss for all the the volunteers
who handed out the cups
the ones who smiled, slapped our hands
and gave their weekends up

I drink to all the race directors
working at a frantic pace
who bring together all the pieces
allowing us to race

Here's to all the girlfriends
and the wives and all our kids
whose cheering on the old man
is a precious thing to give

And to all the RSTers out there
here's a *** toast to you
drink deep the life of athletes
train the best in all you do

Midnight will find me pondering
all the faces/races met and done
and the thousand years that looms ahead
is another swim, a bike, a run