Digest: February 17

Digest: February 17

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Triathlon Digest: Tuesday, February 17, 1998
Vol. 2, No. 36
Published by Triathlon Central

In This Issue:
        * Qualifying criteria for Goodwill Games Triathlon (from ITU Update)
        * Report of Spanish winter triathlon (from Alberto Altes, Spain)
        * Triathlon NSW's Sprint Series returns (from Nick Munting,
        * Announcement of Echo Valley Half-Ironman (from Trevor Soll, Canada)

Notes from Katherine:

        -- Was hoping that today's Digest would carry some postings and
impressions from "the weekend" in San Diego, complete with the
USAT-Quintana Roo race directors' conference and the Competitor party. But
alas, no one has shared anything yet. Ms. Digest does not like to be left out of the
information loop.

        -- A few assorted comments. First, from Aussie pro Lizel Moore, on
my request for pros to send along their 1998 competitive schedules: "It is
impossible to send a race schedule when we do not know what is happening
with the World Cup races!"

        And second, from Euro journalist Ian Sweet, working as a Eurosport
producer on the Nagano Olympics: "... Who knows, the 2002 Olympics in Salt
Lake City may include winter triathlon, but they've got to sort out the
in-fighting between ETU and ITU before this will happen. The first ITU World
Cup race clashes with the final of the ETU series - if athletes don't race the
final, they don't get their money! You can guess who will win!"
        Comment: Indeed, the final ETU wintertriathlon race is March 8 in
Beitostolen, Norway (12k run, 27k mountainbike, 10k ski). and the first ITU
World Cup wintertriathlon is  March 7 in Jaca, Italy (10k run, 30k bike,
10k ski).

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Excerpt from the ITU Update:

Qualifying criteria for the Goodwill Games Triathlon in New York City on 25

1)  1997 ITU World Championships: The top three finishers in both the
men's and women's competition at the 1997 ITU Triathlon World
Championships in Perth, Australia (16 November)

2)  1997 ITU World Cup Rankings:  Top ranked man and woman
triathletes from the 1997 ITU World Cup rankings (as of 17 November,
1997) or the highest-ranked triathlete who did not previously qualify
through finishing in the top three at the 1997 ITU World

3)  Regional Selections:  Two men and two women will be
selected from each of the seven regions of ITU: Africa, Asia, Europe,
Central America & Caribbean, North America, South America, and
Oceania.  These selections will be made by ITU / Goodwill Games no
later than 25 June, 1998, one month prior to the competition.

4)  Wild Cards:  Three men and three women from any region of
the world will be selected by ITU and the Goodwill Games, no later
than 25 June, 1998.

5)  USA and Russia:  As founding countries of the Goodwill Games, the
National Federations of the United States and Russia are each allowed
three  men and three women entries based upon selection
criteria determined by their respective federations.  These entries
are in addition to any entries from the USA and Russia who may
qualify or are selected from the above criteria.

Note: The maximum number of athletes per country is six, excluding
automatic entries from the USA and Russia.

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From: Alberto Altes

Subject: 1st Madrid Winter Triathlon

We enjoyed the first Winter triathlon held in Spain's main city on Saturday
14th February. It was a sprint distance event in which 110 athletes
completed a demanding 6 k. run up and down the steep streets of the small
town of Rascafria, a relatively easy 16 km bike climb to Cotos, and finally
a slow 6km of cross country skiing.

It would have been a perfect day if it wasn't for the quality of snow, really
really slow due to hot weather on last few days. It was the first edition of a
triathlon that authorities will try to maintain for successive years.

The spanish National champion, Juan Carlos Apilluelo, showed his great
form. Pedro Anarbe was second several minutes behind, and other top Spanish
triathletes completed the 110 participants.

Anna Folkegard was the winner among the women, closely followd by skier
Isabel Dumall.

The junior race started looking just like a copy of the National
Championships, but Alberto Altes came up with a poor bike climb. He was just
able to finished second to Alejandro Sanz who closed the line 30 seconds ahead of
Altes, showing some progress with skiing skills.

It was a great succes in all senses, with TV coverage (a 1-hour special
program will be shown soon) and a lot of sports magazines at the finish line. One
more step to help the sport grow.

Alberto Altes, Spain.

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From: Nick Munting

Subject: Triathlon NSW Sprint Series - Kurnell

One of Australia's top sprint series has returned in 1998 thanks to
Triathlon NSW, and 520 competitors turned out for the launch of the Triathlon
NSW Sprint Series at Kurnell, Sydney's number one triathlon location.

Round one was taken out by local athlete, Mick Maroney, brother of long
distance swimmer Susie Maroney, with Ironwoman and mountain biker, Jody
Purcell claiming the women's category.

The race was run in humid to very hot conditions as Sydney began to swelter
under one of the hottest days this summer.

The swim, in Botany Bay is at Australia's 'modern point of discovery' - the
point where Captain Cook first came ashore, the bike is fast and flat on
great roads and the run is through a local national park and is amongst the
more scenic in Australia!

Further rounds are scheduled for March 15 and April 19 this year.

Full results will appear via the Results links on the Triathlon NSW home
page at: www.ozemail.com.au/~nrm/tnsw.html within 24 hours.

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From: Trevor Soll

Subject: Echo Valley Half Ironman

Hello all!

Just a quick note letting you know and prepare for Saskatchewan's Echo
Valley Half Ironman on July 26. This event, held in the Echo Valley Provincial
Park (40 minutes east of Regina) consists of a 2km swim, 90km bike and 21km run.

This, the third year of the event, is to be host to three elite spots and
three age group spots for the Canadian National Long Course Triathlon team.
Qualifying athletes will go on to compete at the Long Course Triathlon World
Championships in Sado Island, Japan in early September.

Last years male and female winners completed the event in times of 4:17:40
and 5:21:56 respectively.

Entry forms will be available in April across Western Canada.

For more information please feel free to contact me.

See you at the race!

Race Director

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