Don't Breathe, You'll Hurt Yourself!

Don't Breathe, You'll Hurt Yourself!

Post by Paul Big Ears Men » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Uhh .. I made the fatal mistake of seeing a physiotherapist on Wednesday.

The first time ever.

My wife suggested I see him (he's treated her for shot tendons) probably because
she's sick of seeing me crippled for half an hour after I get out of bed in the

I've had this painful heel for about 4-6 months.  OK, I says, I give in, take me
to him (I needed help across the road).  Phew!  He was at Atlanta!  Can I forget
about it?  No chance with Ms efficiency here.  Those dreaded words ..


Then drag me to him!  I'm not going to make it easy.

Sure enough, I make it there.

Sure enough he gives me a few stretching exercises and then goes on to tell
me that I shouldn't run for four weeks.

FOUR WEEKS??  Are you crazy???  Whatd'ya  think this is?  I don't pay you to
tell me I can't run!

He then calms me down and says he's only advising me (yeah, yeah).

He then tells me he had a triathlete who had been suffering a similar condition
for 18 months and now requires surgery.

But why did he have to say all this in front of my wife??  She of course,
started treating my like a sulking little boy.  At my age!  How dare she!

But I got my own back.  I told him I was going to play the last hockey game for
the season (actually I pleaded with him - the full hand 'n knees bit).

Don't run for four weeks.  Hah!  He might as well have told me not to breathe!


      Ummm .. I hereby give notice that I'm going to be intolerable for the
      next month.  If I'm going to suffer, you are too - so there!



Don't Breathe, You'll Hurt Yourself!

Post by John Laning » Sat, 24 Aug 1996 04:00:00

>>>> article deleted, but he's got heel pain <<<<<

I've been a long time runner and occassional triathlete.  Over a year ago,
I started getting trouble with my left heel (and I'm only 53 years young!).
 I tried resting cures etc. to no avail so off to the doctor.

Xrays. Bills.  Medicine.  Bills.  Rest.  Bills.  All to no avail.  When I
get out of bed, I looked like a cripple.  After a longish car ride, I
looked like a cripple.  If you saw me get out of a car you'd loan me your
handicapped parking sticker.  So, I gave up running about 6 months ago.

My heel is a lot better, thank you.  I still can't run too well, and have
been mostly biking (that is a lot easier on the joints).  After my next big
bike ride in October I will VERRRY slowly start running again and maybe I
can join you fun people in tri's again next year.

Assuming, of course, I can also get my "swimming shoulder" problem fixed.
Getting old is a ***....  but it beats the heck out of the alternative.



Don't Breathe, You'll Hurt Yourself!

Post by Nicole M. van Da » Wed, 28 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Don't sulk, SWIM!!!!