Unofficial results of Duathlon WC

Unofficial results of Duathlon WC

Post by Robert J. Nag » Mon, 21 Nov 1994 14:23:49

Well the much expected change in weather in Hobart, Tasmania did occur, but
a little later than expected.  When the age group athletes went off (in
three waves) at 7.30, the wind had picked up but was blowing from the
southwest. This changed the nature of the bike leg, making it slower than
expected.  Midway through the age-group, the rain began to fall and the
temperatures dropped.  By the time the elites went off, starting at noon,
it was wet, windy and cold.

AMong the men, (Stormin') Norman Stadler of Germany rode a superb bike leg
(particularly the first 20K) to head out onto the final 5K with the
championship already locked (bar a mishap).  Urs Dellsperger (one of the
pre-race favorites) came home second, followed by (much to the delight of
the locals) Andrew Noble of Australia.  P. Thomas (USA) was fourth with two
more Aussies, Dean King and Tim Bentley, in 5th & 6th.

The women's race was a runaway victory for the diminutive Irma Heeren
(Nederland).  I believe it was Natasha Badman (certainly it was a Swiss
woman) who finished a delighted second and, once again, the Aussies took
bronze through Jackie Gallagher's efforts.

The most impressive victory of the day belonged to a young Brazilian,
Alessandro ???? (sorry, his name doesn't appear in the official list of
competitors as he just registered yesterday pm).  He ran like the wind and
then rode away from everyone.  A strong ride gave the silver to Richard
Allen of Britain. And, yes, the bronze went to Australia.

Kristine Chammbers dominated the (very small) junior women's field to give
Canada gold.

[These results are unofficial - but I thought you might like to know]

RNman (tired down under)