Tri-Maryland Information.....

Tri-Maryland Information.....

Post by afm.. » Sun, 28 Mar 1993 03:34:51

Daniel Dowling,

First of all, I have no idea how to e-mail you off campus. Teach me that! I
would like to know how for the future.!......

Ok here's for triathlon local at Maryland/DC/***ia...... Since you are at
Univ. of Maryland (I assumed),  go to College Bicycle Shop and ask MaryAnn
Zuckermann who is All-American Triathlete and Duathlete. She knows me, my name
is Andrew Metz. Anyway MaryAnn knows everything.....She even have the
beginning triathlon clinc.....

Here's another information about races in MD/DC/VA.... either call Brad
Jaeger (410) 882-6103 Day,  He is "boss" of Tri-Maryland club. Only $24.00
member per year (Very Cheap!).....

By the way there is magazine "Triathlete" at College Bicycle Shop too !

I hope it will help u a lot!! Good Luck!

Andrew Metz