AD: 1 time offer on SMS ELITE Frameset

AD: 1 time offer on SMS ELITE Frameset

Post by Steve's Multispor » Sun, 09 Nov 1997 04:00:00

This is a one time offer only!  I am only doing this because I need to
fill my 25 piece order and have 19 sold.  I need 6 framesets sold to
complete my first order. I must have the orders in by 11-15-97, no

6 framesets will be available for only $1399.99 with a Kestrel EMS Fork
or $1250 with a kinesis aluminum fork.

Rider response has been excellent locally and nationally.  1 order from
australia and working on a few local professionals!

Get rolling today.  You won't be sorry!!

Steve's Multisport

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