Ironman/Hawaii race un-report

Ironman/Hawaii race un-report

Post by Suresh Sunderraj » Wed, 26 Oct 1994 03:40:17

!>  I
|> spoke with my "healer" (I don't want to use the word "doctor" when
|> talking about this guy) and he told me that my only chance to survive
|> was to take it really easy.
|> This is what I decided to do.  The result was quite astonishing: I had
|> a much more enjoyable experience!  Sure, my time was really, really
|> slow (1:35 slower than IMC -- intentionally), but I don't care!  I feel
|> that I finally found the right way to handle triathlons.

I think I found that out the hard way too. I havent done an Ironman yet (though
 I hope I will in a couple of years) but for my second marathon I ran as hard
as I could, finished in 3:14 inspite of tendonitis in my left ankle and then
had a hard time running for the next month! The race was a blur and frankly, I
didnt enjoy myself at all! This year I ran Pittsburgh with a friend. It was her
first so we were taking it easy. We finished in just over 4 hours but I had
a fabulous time. It was wonderful talking to other people along the way and
waving at spectators, even singing. Heck, I chugged a beer on the 20th mile.

I guess it really depends on whats motivating you. If you're competing for a
medal, go all out by all means, but if you'd like to have a good time, its great
to go with the flow!


        Beer drinker with a tri problem