Digest: February 13

Digest: February 13

Post by katherine william » Sat, 14 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Triathlon Digest: Friday, February 13, 1998
Vol. 2, No. 32
Published by Triathlon Central

In This Issue:
        * News from the Rialto (from Triathlon Digest staff)
        * Korean requests, and the Asian Cup schedule (from Sangwoo Lee,
        * Advance for St. George Formula 1 - Round 2 (from Andrew Fraser,
        * Major British website updates (from Henry Budgett, Britain)

- --------------------

With this issue, Triathlon Digest initiates "News from the Rialto," which
will feature, from time to time, important news for the sport.  Triathlon
Digest has found that many subscribers are reluctant to be publicly
identified with inside news about the sport, although they are keen to help
Triathlon Digest acquire knowledge about what's going on, for publication.

Before such news can see the light of day, information needs to be
verified, sources need to be cross-checked and opportunities to rebut need
to be afforded.  Triathlon Digest has decided to do the work that's necessary and
stands behind what appears in News from the Rialto.

Triathlon Digest editorial comments will not appear in News from the
Rialto: Such comments will be published separately in "From the Conning
Tower."  Subscribers' postings, with commentary and additional information,
are invited and welcomed.  That's the way Triathlon Digest grows.

- ----

Aside from its other venues in Japan, Australia, Canada and Bermuda, the
1998 ITU Triathlon World Cup series has been reduced to two races in Europe
- - Tsijivaros (Hungary) and Immenstadt (German).  Yet to date, Immenstadt
has been unable to find sponsorship.

The ITU Vancouver office told triathletes calling there last week that the
"European part of the World Cup has been canceled," although salvage
operations continue.  ITU managing director Michael Gilmore is meeting in
London today (Friday). Race directors in London, Marseille and San Remo -
all previously pencilled in as new World Cup sites for 1998 - are said to
be reconsidering.

Moreover, no global television arrangements have as yet been made for the
remaining '98 ITU World Cup races.

At this time,  ITU is still hoping to put together an eight-race 1998
series with Sydney, two Japanese venues, Cornerbrook (Canada), Hamilton
(Bermuda), Hungary and Immenstadt as fixtures. Whether the eight races
include the World Championship in Lausanne is unclear.   The Lausanne World
Championship's contract with ITU has not yet been approved by Pacific Sports
Entertainment (PSE), ITU's marketing and television partner.  When asked, ITU
and PSE say they are uncertain how and when it will all come together.

Already, the 1998 ITU World Cup series has been called a disaster, by PSE
and ITU - although, at the same time, PSE remains upbeat and expects 1999
to be better.   Because the 1998 ITU World Cup Series is an integral part
of the Olympic Triathlon Qualification system, ITU is trying to quickly
create a parallel second-, third- and fourth-tier system of races where
Olympic Qualification Ranking points can be obtained by athletes.  However,
no schedule of lower-tier events has been published so far - and no
one seems to know when a schedule will be available.

At the heart of it all, the PSE-ITU deal appears to be coming apart.  That
deal gave PSE a 10-year exclusive contract to market and telecast all ITU
properties, including the World Championships and World Cup races.

ITU has put the blame for the failure to produce sponsorship directly on
PSE's shoulders, and has stated that it disagrees with PSE's commercial
agenda.   It's an open secret that ITU's president, Les McDonald, wants
PSE's chief, Dave McCann, replaced.  McDonald is displeased with McCann's
failure to bring commercial success to the ITU race series.  McDonald also says
that the poorly-received ITU Uniform Rules and the ITU Competitor's
Agreement were McCann's handiwork.  In a recent interview published in
Australian Triathlete magazine, McDonald has said he had to intervene to undo
the harm caused by PSE's actions.

PSE and ITU are also squabbling over who owns the commercial rights to the
lower-tier Olympic Qualifier races, as well as whether PSE can appoint a
co-agency to help it with its marketing and television chores.  ITU
receives a $100,000 fee from each World Cup race for prize money ($85,000)
and athletes' travel and accommodations, plus additional
moneys to defray the cost of bringing ITU personnel to the race.
Additionally, PSE requires $25,000 from each race for television production
and distribution costs.

As part of its commercial plan, PSE refuses to allow any race to appoint
its own airline, automobile, shoe and apparel, timing company or
bank/financial services sponsors - reserving those categories for it to
sell.  Other sponsorship categories are released by PSE to a local
organizing committee only after a negotiation between PSE and the LOC.

Up to this point, PSE acknowledges that neither it nor ITU have obtained
the revenues that were expected.  The losses are covered by PSE, as ITU is
unable to fund the World Cup program without PSE's help.

ITU and PSE are engaged in a struggle to determine who really runs the
World Cup/World Championship/Olympic Qualification program.  PSE has
heard to say that it's playing hardball with ITU from now on.  Last year,
it was reported in the sport's media that ITU had a "walk-away" right - and
was thinking about exercising it.

All of this casts a long shadow over the Olympic Triathlon Qualifying
system which rests on the commercial foundation over which ITU and PSE are
fighting.   That the foundation may be growing weaker is a concern for

(from Triathlon Digest staff reports)

- --------------------

Subject: Time Recorder & Coach for Korea Triathlon Federation(KTF)

Dear Friends & Triathletes,

In order to meet the need of increasing demand from triathlon activities in
Korea, we would like to have some recommendation from any national
federations or individual regarding two matters of 1 & 2.

1. Accurate Time Recorder System
   We would like to have economical but accurate time recorder that can be
used at the race, such as bar code reader, etc. Can you introduce or recommend
   some system or brand or contact number ?

2. Are there any Professional Coaches available who can visit Korea to train
   young triathletes for certain period. If yes, please contact me for further

3. Asian Cup Race Series and Asian Championship in 1998 for the interested:

   98/05/02  Hong Kong, China    Asian Cup Race
   98/05/24  Sabah, Malaysia     Asian Cup Race with Prize
   98/06/07  Chinese Taipei      Asian Cup Race
   98/06/21  Changi, Singapore   Asian Championship 1998
   98/07/12  Sokcho, Korea       Asian Cup Race ('99 Asian Championship)
   98/07/26  Subic, Philippines  Asian Cup Race
   98/08/08  Beijing, China      Asian Cup Race
   98/09/13  Macau               Asian Cup Race
   98/09/20  Murakami, Japan     Asian Cup Race

   * All Race confirmed by ASTC Secretary General on 98/02/10
   * All Triathlon Distance
   * Drafting Legal Race (Elite only)
   * Prize (Elite only)

Sangwoo Lee
Vice President-Foreign Affairs
Korea Triathlon Federation

- --------------------
From: Andrew Fraser

Subject: St.George Formula 1- Round 2


This Sunday's second round of the 1998 St.George Formula 1 Triathlon at
picturesque Waterfront Geelong in Victoria is shaping as a thriller in
both the men's and women's events.

Miles Stewart and Jackie Gallagher will wear the yellow leader's
uniforms after recording outstanding victories in last weekend's opening
round in Adelaide. They will both have huge battles on their hands
trying to hold off a host of hungry opponents in the "Super Sprint"

The men will contest the gruelling "Triple Super Sprint"  - three races with
just a 10-minute break in between whilst the women contest the "Double
Super Sprint" - two races with a 10-minute break in between. The course is
a 300m swim, 7km cycle, 2km run with formats varied in each race.

Brad Beven has dominated this format, having never been  beaten in it
over the past 4 years. Apart from Stewart, Beven will face strong
challenges from Greg Welch, Greg Bennett (runner-up in Adelaide), rising
star, Trent Chapman and three of the international contingent - Lothar Leder
(Germany), Ben Sanson (France) and Paul Amey (New Zealand).

1996 World Champion, Jackie Gallagher will start hot favourite again in
the women's event, but is aware of the dangers that the "young guns"
(Mel Mitchell, Loretta Harrop, and world junior champ Nicole Hackett)
pose in this format. US Swim champion Barb Lindquist will also figure

The athletes have been busy in Geelong all week promoting the event  via
school visits, shopping centre promotions and even a training session
with the Geelong Cats at Kardinia Park.

A full day's entertainment is scheduled at Waterfront Geelong from
11.00am. The men's event commences at 1.00pm, the women 3.00pm.
An $8,000 cheque awaits the victor of each event.

For further information, contact Andrew Fraser -  + 61 (0)411 696 333

- --------------------
Date: 12 February 1998 08:51
Subject: Major website update

Thanks to some new software on the computers at BTA HQ (and a few hours
disentangling the data they spewed out!)  we now have the following up on
the website:

        --  the complete BTA rules and bylaws for 1998 (modified since
first posting)
        -- all the BTA affiliated clubs as notified by the Handbook deadline
        -- all races applying for BTA sanction as notified by the Handbook

We also have lots of races that seem to ...

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Digest: February 13

Post by DuTr » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00

This looks like it's a pretty big news story - did anyone else actually
read this posting?

: - ----
:.   It's an open secret that ITU's president, Les McDonald, wants
: PSE's chief, Dave McCann, replaced.  

I guess it's also an open secret that we, the majority of age-groupers,
want ITU's president, Les McDonald, replaced.

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Digest: February 13

Post by RABarr » Sun, 15 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I for one cant beleive that this has gone on as long as it has.
If Less was the president of some third world country, we would be reading abou
his overthrow by now.
Richard Barrer  
"Aside from that Mrs. Lincoln, How did you enjoy the play ?"


Digest: February 13

Post by Tricia Richt » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00


> This looks like it's a pretty big news story - did anyone else actually
> read this posting?

> : - ----

Sure did, and BOY!  Did I grin with GLEEE!!!!!  Woohoooo!

> :
> :.   It's an open secret that ITU's president, Les McDonald, wants
> : PSE's chief, Dave McCann, replaced.  

> I guess it's also an open secret that we, the majority of age-groupers,
> want ITU's president, Les McDonald, replaced.

Amen to that, bruddah!


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Digest: February 13

Post by Chaz The T » Thu, 26 Feb 1998 04:00:00

>> I guess it's also an open secret that we, the majority of age-groupers,
>> want ITU's president, Les McDonald, replaced.
>Amen to that, bruddah!

  I agree as well. Intersetingly enough for those of you who don't realize it,
 one of the trickiest aspects to this is that Les McDonald serves as ITU prez
UNPAID.  In order to put someone reasonably "qualified" into a hot seat
position like the ITU is in right now is going to want bucks for that
position...which is precisely what the ITU does not have (and the IOC iwll not
provide for that purpose either).  I'd venture to say it's Les and his
sympathetic/autocratic cronies shoving sh*t down our throats that we object
to, not the ITU per se, but the two seem have seemed interchangeable for the
past X years....
  My $0.02.