Hell it's tough on a MOUNTAIN BIKE

Hell it's tough on a MOUNTAIN BIKE

Post by Michael P. Fogart » Fri, 29 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Bill: I suggest that you buy some road tires that will fit mountain
rims. I have a pair of Continental Gran Prix racing tires (kevlar bead)
that I bought in Hong Kong (so I could do some triathlons in Asia). It
helps A LOT!  If you want to buy them from me, make an offer (include
shipping assumption). I paid US$36 each plus $6 each for 1 inch wide
tubes (total cost: $84). They were used for 2 Olympic distance races and
3 sprints. All training was done on knobbies. You should also consider
buying aero bars. You'll notice a difference immediately. Yes, your bike
splits would be quicker if you bought a new Colnago but. . .

Michael Fogarty
New York, NY


> I'm just getting into Triathlon's - AND LOVING IT-  B  U  T !!! Hell
> it's demorilizing beating all those folk in the pool and then being
> overtaken at high speed by those on the REAL BIKE.  I hav'nt a friend
> who can lend me one - not that he'd want to anyway - and I hav'nt the
> cash to buy one.  Suppose I'd better just slog on!?????
> --
> Bill Teeton