My "triple" race weekend (Part 1, long)

My "triple" race weekend (Part 1, long)

Post by Iron Pe » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00


I have completed the triple race weekend, which started on Saturday with the
Thundergust Triathlon (0.5mi. swim, 16mi. bike, 4mi. run) in Southern New
Jersey, followed on Sunday with The Great Chesapeake Bay 4.4 Mile Swim, and
ending with an anticlimatic Presidents Cup 5k Run on Monday night. To summarize
everything in one word...FUN!


How this weekend come together? It was probably part challenge and part
*** that created it. Thundergust was already set for that weekend due to
my inclusion in the Penn-Jersey Triathlon Series. As I was perusing the
Lin-Mark web site, I noted the Chesapeake Swim. I've heard about it before, and
was entertaining the possibility of doing the thing someday, but the
application was there, staring me in the faces, begging me to print it out. I
did print it out, but still was hesitant sending it in. What would the
ramifications be? Would I recover in time for BSLT in Texas? I stood there
shaking my head for about a week until I talked to one of my peers from work.
He told me a frightening tale about the swim. One year 600 started the race but
only 200 people made it to the opposite shore. The current was terrible that
year it seemed, since they had to pick up a guy 8 miles downcurrent from the
actual course! Well, to make a long story short, I signed the application and
sent it out the following morning. Being a ***, this was right up my
alley! So now I have 2 races for the June 13 weekend.

The third race I planned not to do, but my running club wanted me on the team,
since this 5k planned for Monday night June 15 was the area's championship and
they needed bodies. I originally declined, but later accepted due to the fact
that I will have done 3 races in 3 days. How many times was this going to
happen in my lifetime? A "triple" weekend? Hmmm...


After I leave work, I travel down to southern New Jersey and get a hotel room
for the night near the race site. I tuned in to the Weather Channel that night
and saw that rain was in the picture for race day. Great...what a way to start
the weekend. I had a nice dinner and  kept myself in the hotel room for the
rest of the night, staying well rested.

The next morning I clicked on The Weather Channel and checked the radar. A wall
of green was located far west of the radar (around Baltimore) and was slowly
coming this way. They way it looked, I might have a chance to get through this
triathlon dry (on the bike and run that is). Rain, rain go away... (and it
stood away!)

The swim was this circular course in the water, with the bike on flat, local
roads, followed by a trail run around the lake. As the gun sounded, the
jostling was rough, and I had to kick a couple of  people ***ly just to
stave them off. In a very short time, we were headed for shore and the end of
the swim. I got up, looked at my watch...5 minutes. 5 minutes?? For a
half-mile?? A thought about going for the Olympics as a swimmer drifted through
my head as I made my way to the transition area and retrieved my bike. At about
a couple of miles into the bike, my chest was burning. I am not used to going
out hard in these sprint races. As a person who is used to dealing with the
longer courses, this was not my element. Anyway, the chest finally cleared
after 5 miles and I started to hammer on the bike. I kept about 5 seconds
behind 3 cyclists for most of the way through the course and dismounted with
them as we got to T2 and the run. With those 3 people ahead of me, I started to
run through the trails, cathing one of those people in the process. The other 2
just sped off. My running stride was very good and I kept the pressure
on...maybe one of those people will be reeled back in. I near the 3 mile marker
with my heart rate near max...186, but still felt good. I see a pair of legs
ahead of me in the distance. In about a half mile, he was getting closer. Being
near max, I couldn't get myself to go any faster that what I am doing at that
point, and I was going to run out of course before I can catch him. He finished
about 50 feet ahead of me. I came across in 11th place overall. I was amazed to
see what place I got in my age group...8th! 11th overall, 8th in my age group?
Wow, my age group was loaded. Oh, well, no age group award for this person, but
I was happy to have gotten a third place in the Penn-Jersey Series rankings.

Next up...The Great Chesapeake Bay Swim.
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