Tri training and weight training

Tri training and weight training

Post by GBunde » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello, tri-gurus!

For Christmas, my wife gave me what seems to be a very useful book by Rick
Niles called Time Saving Training for Multisport Athletes.  As a relatively new
triathlete interested in doing primarily Sprint and Olympic distance events, I
found Niles' training philosophy to be nearly ideal for my purposes.  He
recommends (as I'm sure many experienced triathletes would) rotating cycles or
periods of emphasis for each sport/discipline.  Each cycle consists of three
weeks of focused, intensive training in one sport (while maintaining fitness in
the other two), followed by a "rest" week of lower training volume.  Then a new
cycle begins, usually focusing on one of the other two sports.  Prior to the
first triathlon, he recommends at least one cycle of balanced training (i.e.,
equal emphasis on all events).

I am planning on doing the Columbia Tri on May 23, so the timing is just
perfect for me to do the following cycles: 1) swim  2) run  3) bike  4)
"balanced".  This will leave me (assuming no problems) prepared and rested for
May 23.

My questions are these:

1)  What opinions do people have about this book or the training philosophy in

2)  With regard to weight training:  I am thinking that I will go to 2 days per
week, compared to the 3 days per week I have been doing since early November
(with good results).  I am assuming that I ought to do this if I am going to be
focusing on each of the disciplines.  Is this sound reasoning?  What do other
triathletes do in terms of tapering down their weight training as the season
approaches?  When is a good time to lighten the load?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Greg Bundens


Tri training and weight training

Post by trini » Tue, 26 Jan 1999 04:00:00

1 )
 ..great book, but in my opinion not enough bricks in the individual

 i have trouble having the time for the tri-specific workouts, nearly no
time to fit in this extra gym-hours... (also observed, that I built up
muscle mass really fast; even with low weights, high reps -> won't qualify
for Sydney anyway, so I leave it).

just one "pfennig"