IMC Personal Report - Part 1. 1995 Training Style

IMC Personal Report - Part 1. 1995 Training Style

Post by Rolf Aran » Thu, 31 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Following Tricia's style, I am going to post my report
in three parts.  The first is the training style I employed
in 1995.  Part 2 will be the pre-race story, and Part 3
**my race** story itself.  
In 1994 I overtrained severely for my first Ironman (Canada, 14:06).  
Starting in mid-May, I followed an aggressive three-week cycle.  
Week 1 had a long swim on Friday, a long ride on Saturday, and
a long run on Sunday.  Week 2 had a long swim on Friday, a long
bike/run on Saturday or Sunday.  Week 3 was an easy week.  

In two words, too much.  By July 4 that summer, I was burned out.
I had seven weeks to go and I began to hate training.  

In 1995, I decided to cut way back on the distance training load.  
So, this year I did a 17 mi run in mid March, a 19 mi run in
early April, a 17 mi run in early June, a 22 mi run in late
June, and a 16 mi run in late July.  I did several long bike
rides.  One at 70 mi, one at 85 mi, one at 110 mi, and one
other at 90 at roughly the same intervals as above.  I did one
long brick in the form of a 1/2 FeMan in mid July.  

I began my rest period immediately after mid July, completing
just one more long bike and run at the end of July.  

I ran alot of hills, and rode alot of hills.  I swam usually twice
per week, and occasionally three.  I did several big mileage
running weeks, one in early January (53 miles) and one in early July
(42 miles hilly!).  

I tapered "hard" from July 25 to August 27.  Very light activity only.
I did one sprint tri on August 13, and did very well there.  

I did approximately 1/2 of the long workouts that I did last year.  
I used the "one day per mile of long run" recovery rule.  That is,
for a 16 mi run I made sure that I had 16 days following
it with no long workouts at all.  I placed a rest period after
each long session as well, lasting 7 days or so.  Very light
stuff indeed.  

I responded well to this training style, never overtraining,
biking the 110 mi ride easily, and maintaining reasonable
short course speed.  My body weight slowly fell to a very
light 168 pounds.  

The training ended on a positive note, with a strong 16 mi run.  

The end of the Ironman training ended with two thumbs up.  
Things looked good during the taper period.  


End of Part 1 IMC 1995 Personal Race Report by Rolf Arands

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