Favorite Tri Mag?

Favorite Tri Mag?

Post by Steve Bey » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 20:25:04


>I like Competitor the best because:

>1.  They often focus on unusual feats that I think are inspirational,
>    like when Pauli Kirru (Yes, I spelled it wrong) bonked but finished
>    anyway (a true hero), or when that guy won the LA Marathon even
>    though he was hired to be the rabbit, and the favorites whined
>    because he wasn't supposed to go fast at the END.

>2.  They don't focus totally on triathlon.  It's interesting to see
>    what else is going on.

>3.  It's FREE.

Sounds good to me.  Where do you get it?



Favorite Tri Mag?

Post by Peloto » Sun, 15 Jan 1995 02:42:10

Competitor magazine is available in most sports related shops in Northern
California (I believe there is also a Southern California edition)