TUNE POWER TAP Wattage Measuring System Is Here!!!!

TUNE POWER TAP Wattage Measuring System Is Here!!!!

Post by Steve Hara » Sat, 26 Jun 1999 04:00:00

The brand new Tune Power Tap, a system for on-bike measuring of power
output, is now in-stock at Steve's Multisport. For years top athletes
have been training by monitoring not only heart-rate but also power
output measured in wattage. Until now, the only tool able to measure and
record this data was the SRM Power crank that retails for upwards of
$2,000. Now however, you can measure and record both heart-rate and
wattage data using the Tune Power Tap, a hub that when built into a
wheel measures and records the data. It also comes with a built-in
heart-rate monitor and cyclometer, so gone are the days of having
over-crowded handlebars. And yes, the price is right too. The unit alone
retails for $769. Keep in mind that this comes with everything you need
to measure power output, heart-rate, and other cycling related

This is the training device for the new millenium. This will do for the
next decade what the heart-rate monitor did for the last.

Give us call for more information or to order. We are currently offering
special low prices for the Power Tap system built into a wheel.

Call 800-452-7531 for details.