Digest: February 14

Digest: February 14

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Triathlon Digest: Saturday, February 14, 1998
Vol. 2, No. 33
Published by Triathlon Central

In This Issue:
        * Date change for Belgrade Triathlon (from Dragana Pavlovic,
        * Elite field for Chile's Punta Puyai Triathlon (from Rodrigo
Salas, Chile)
        * Clinic packets from USAT Women's Commission (from Sheppi Farrar,
        * Follow-up question to ITU-PSE developments (from John
Raadschelders, Netherlands)

- --------------------
From: Dragana Pavlovic

Subject: Belgrade Triathlon 1998 and  ETU triathlon training camp

Belgrade Triathlon 1998, last year ETU Prestige race and this year ETU
Cup race, scheduled for July 11 has changed its date to May 30 1998.

The race will be held at the biggest Begrade's recreational resort, Ada
Ciganlija island, with swimming in the lake known as Belgrade's sea. Bike is
hilly, difficult and technical five loops, and run is flat four loops.

Beside the ETU Cup race, there will  also be a sprint recreational
triathlon, Eurokids triathlon and Women's "Tri For Fun" short race.
During the week before Belgrade Triathlon, ETU triathlon training camp
will be held in sport camp " Karatas-Djerdap" with programs:
Eurokids (born 1980-1984); Women triathletes of all ages and levels
and Coaches Seminar.

Printed detailed information about Belgrade Triathlon and ETU triathlon
training camp in Djerdap will be available at the beginning of March.
Everyone wishing to receive more information via : mail, fax or E-mail ,
please contact YUTU office:

Yugoslav Triathlon Union
Humska 1
11 000 Beograd
tel: ++ 381 11 648 687
     ++ 381 11 648 266
fax: ++ 381 11 651 328
     ++ 381 11 505 257

Dragana Pavlovic
YUTU Secretary general

- ------------------------------

Subject: Field for Punta Puyai Triathlon

Chuckie "V", Tony de Boom, Pat Brown, Javier Rosas, Nik Southwells, Antonio
Mansur, Cristian Bustos and Matias Brain will be some of the triathletes that
will be in Punta Puyai this week-end for the First International Punta
Puyai Triathlon. More than 200 triathletes will be in the race with US$15.000
for the elite categories.

Bustos is coming strong after four races this season and thinks that he will
be first, after he finished second of Oscar Galindez in Pucon.

More info in www.free.cl/olimpo

Rodrigo Salas - Chile

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From: Shepi Farrar
Subject: USAT Women's Commission clinic packet

Hi all.  The Women's Commission of USA Triathlon is completing a Clinic
Packet  for those putting on NOVICE MULTISPORT CLINICS (or clinic series)
for US$15.

The packet will include: clinic manual (camera-ready for duplication);
pamphlets (How to Do Your First Triathlon, Nutrition for Multisport,
Psychological Benefits of Multisport), all camera-ready for duplication; a
beginner's training log (one copy - more can be ordered for $10-12 each); a
follow-up newsletter sample (in case the clinic director would like to start a
triathlon club or keep  in touch with participants following the clinic);
information on Danskin Women's Races (for those in the U.S. and Canada - a
beginner's women's race series); and information on how to contribute to the Judy
Flannery Memorial Fund (which is producing these materials at cost for clinic
and race directors, and wants to create a national and perhaps international
network of novice clinics.

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From: John Raadschelders

Subject: Follow-up question to ITU-PSE developments

Hello Triathlon Digest,

Can somebody tell what this means for the ITU Powerman World cup races?

John Raadschelders
the race director of Powerman Holland

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