World Duathlon Championships 1998

World Duathlon Championships 1998

Post by Tim Gros » Mon, 19 Jan 1998 04:00:00

After a bit of surfing on the net think I have found some details about
this year's World Du:
It seems to be at St. Wendel Germany with the age group races on 22nd Aug
and the pros/juniors on 23rd Aug.
Some sites to check out:
Don't be confused by 'Powerman'
If you look at
the situation seems clearer - the World (short distance) race has 150 slots
for Powerman - the World Long Distance Duathlon Championships.
Powerman itself seems to be on 7th June 1998.

PS For those whose German is a bit rusty you might try
for help with those translations!

PPS Of course the ITU web site was most helpful (NOT!) with a listing of
just the 1997 events.
Tim Grose

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