Triple Tri Race Report (New Zealand)

Triple Tri Race Report (New Zealand)

Post by Jeff Co » Wed, 16 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Race Report - Gavin's Triple Treat

Saturday night.  Check bike tyres and chuck bike in the car.  Weather
forecast is lousy, but not going to let something like that ruin my day.
Gavin Attwood has cooked up a little treat for us.  A triple triathlon!
Swim/bike/run/swim/bike/run/swim/bike/run  Distances 200m/5km/1.5km.
Either as individuals or teams.  Duathlon option too, for wimps (duck for

6 am Sunday.  Take dog for walk on Tindalls Beach.  There is surf!!!  Surf
at Tindalls? Yep, surf.  Backs of legs get sand blasted on the way home.
Saves showering.  Breakfast etc.  Joan says I'm mad to go out in that.
Promise not to fall my bike (again) or drown myself.

8:40 am arrive at Manly Beach (Whangaparaoa) - 20 minutes to race time -
plenty of time.  Pay my $5 entry fee. Wow! Look at those waves.  Can I have
my money back?  

Back to car get out bike. Blast!  Front tyre flat at the bottom.
"Quickly" put in a new tube.  Helpful fellow (Susie's support crew) with a
big pump puts air in it for me.  Put wheel on.  Won't go round!  Helpful
fellow was too strong.  Tube has popped the clincher off the rim.  Deflate
and hand pump.  Break hand pump and fling it in the car. Susie says the
race briefing was OK, just follow everyone else.

Get rest of gear - everyone else is on the beach.  Get wetsuit on.  Go to
beach - everyone else is in the water.  Rats - with that start I can't
possibly win this race.  Into water - isn't this stuff supposed to be
horizontal.  This is mostly vertical.  It feels mostly icicle.  In the rush
I have no swim cap.  (I'm no hot headed youth, but this is ridiculous).

Into transition - there are other people there too. Wetsuit off - quick
towel and shirt on.  Pedals won't go round.  Dropped chain while fixing
tyre.  Rhyl helps me put it on.  Thanks.  Someone tells Gavin to DSQ me for
outside assistance.  He says it's OK. (Drat).  Head off on bike.  Passed by
Dave "Fireman" White.  He started late too.  (Hope he isn't on duty if my
house catches fire).  Road Works- 30 km/h speed limit - better obey -
being a JP, wouldn't do to get a speeding ticket.  This wind is
exciting.  Down into Little Manly doing 60 km/h get a mighty
gust from the side.  Off aeros - hands on brake hoods.  

Off on the first run.  Gale blowing along the beach - wrong way. Sand in
eyes - should have kept the specs on.  Turn around and back downwind,
that's better.  Back to transition.  Struggle with wetsuit. Stuck.  Saved
by my little helper again.  Tell her that I won't wear the suit for the
third swim (I lie).  Run to car.  Grab cap from gear bag.  Gets jammed in
the zipper.  Grrrr!

Into the water again.  Is it rougher?  Can't find first buoy of triangular
course.  Pop up on a huge wave and see that I am half way between first and
second buoy.  Swim back to the first buoy. Just before second buoy, spy a
board sailor lurking in wait. He gets his sail up just at the wrong moment
- Is this the end? - No - he's seen me and cans out (not necessarily in
that order).  Get dumped by huge wave and come up tangled around the buoy.
(Scuba diving is great cross training for triathlon!)

Through transition (again).  Clip in right foot.  Start pedalling.  While
clipping in left, right comes unclipped.  "Sail" down the road with the
following hurricane, mucking around with feet, not looking where going.
Cripes - who parked that car on the road!  Missed by hairsbreadth.  Start
composing race report in my mind.  Haven't see anyone else for a while.
Maybe this is an elaborate practical joke and everyone else is at home
laughing at me!  Hurray, there are some hardy specators at the beach (are
they part of the joke?). Second run is uneventful except I see some other
competitors, Whew.

Clamber into wetsuit.  Stuck again.  Big Tony Raven, picks up wetsuit with
me in it and shakes until he can do up the zip. (My new ORCA!!!).  My little
helper was more genteel!

Into water again.  First buoy has drifted in, so walk/swim to it.  Dumped by
another wave.  Goggles full of sand.  Overtake Lorraine.  I'm getting better
at this.  Into transition. Oh, Joy! It's raining felines and canines as
well!  Like a tropical cyclone but cold.  Forget the towel, it's wetter than
me. How come this shirt is always inside out?  Off on bike.  Overtake
Lorraine. (That's odd!).

Final transition - suppose I had better keep going - never had a DNF before.
Final run is a breeze (joke!).  Overtake Lorraine.  Run hard to finish,
trying to look fresh and strong.

I guess it was fun.  I wasn't (quite) last and I didn't get lapped! (But did
I get my $5 worth?)

At home, Joan still thinks I am mad.  I'm inclined to agree.  Radio says
winds gusting to 110km/h - believe them.

Thanks to Susie (for the race briefing), Phil (the pump man), Rhyl (my
little helper) and Tony (large helper) and Gavin the Race Director (***
***ic sod and great coach).  

Lesson learned.  If you have a long sleeved wetsuit, don't take off cap and
goggles until after you have stripped the suit to your waist.  Otherwise you
end up with a bunched***holding the said goggles and cap jammed halfway
up the sleeve!

Why is my toe sore?



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