Ironman results

Ironman results

Post by Olli Pihlajam » Wed, 23 Oct 1991 06:00:49


1.  Mark Allen          USA     8:18.32,3
2.  Greg Welch          AUS     8:24.34,2
3.  Jeff Devlin         USA     8:27.55,4
4.  Pauli Kiuru         FIN     8:30.07,0
5.  Wolfgang Dittrich   GER     8:30.48,6
6.  Scott Tinley        USA     8:43.06,4
14. Teemu Vesala        FIN     8:58.30,1
17. Bennie Lindberg     FIN     8:59.51,6


1.  Paula Newby-Fraser  USA     9:07.52,2
2.  Erin Baker          NZL     9:23.37,8
3.  Sarah Coope         GBR     9:33.20,0
30. Ghita Jahlstrom     FIN    10:57.31,0

        After swim and bike leg almost all top men were together but
Mark Allen started his marathon hard and dropped others back. Mark
said that he expected Pauli Kiuru to follow him but Pauli has learned
from his earlier Ironman races that first two uphills should be taken
carefully. Soon Pauli noticed that Mark Allen is going too fast for
him but expected Greg and Jeff to get tired sooner or later. That
never happened and Mark Allen did his marathon in 2:42.09 beating Greg
Welch over six minutes. Little surprise was that Jeff Devlin got 3rd
place in this most well known Ironman competition.
        Pauli Kiuru was little surprised and frustrated to his 4th
(last year 3rd) place. He did his own record in every split in this
race but didn't get higher in final results. Pauli who is 28 years old
now says that it seems that Mark Allen is now unbeatable and king of
this sport. Anyhow Pauli believes he has resources to get even better
and next Ironman will be tougher to win if it depends on Pauli.
        Pauli's coach "Nitti" Nuuttila says that there's possibility
that Pauli's long pause in racing before Ironman could have weaken his
performance. His last competition was Aug. 28 in Yllas, Finland.
        Pauli Kiuru as other two finnish TOP20 finnishers belong to
"lahjomattomat" (free translation: unbribables) that was second best
team after US team in this race (when summing three best final times).
All of the members has improved their performance year after year in
this team which uses strict scientifical training methods and its
members are know about their great self-discipline. For example in
long races Pauli Kiuru uses his heart rate monitor to tell him the
maximum possible speed and that's why You never see him played out in
any race.
        In World Cup Scott Tinley took first place and second place is
shared by Pauli Kiuru Kiuru and Ken Glah. Pauli Kiuru has won two
World Cup competitions before Ironman. This second position in world
cup little relieves Pauli's disappointment as well as the fact he was
the best European in Hawaii again.

        I'd like to know times for every splits on this race!

        If there will be any program on this race in US TV please tell
me that beforehead so that I can arrange someone to tape it for me!


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