Digest: February 5

Digest: February 5

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Triathlon Digest: Thursday, February 5, 1998
Vol. 2, No. 25
Published by Triathlon Central

In This Issue:
        * InterNutria Sports and Triathlon (from Tom Cox, InterNutria)
        * About the Italian Alessandro Alessandri (from Lance Watson, Canada)
        * Response to Simon Whitfield's comments (from Dave Rudnicki, Canada)
        * Response to Simon Whitfield's comments (from Jenny Rose, New
        * Response to posting of Serving Les McDonald (from Col Stewart,

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Subject: InterNutria Sports and Triathlon

Hello Digest readers.

My name is Tom Cox and I am Vice President of Sports Products for
InterNutria Sports.  As some of you may know, we are one of the largest
sponsors of the sport of triathlon in the United States, and regular
readers of the Triathlon Digest.

Recently, it was announced on these pages that we had decided to become the
title sponsor of the Pacific Sports World Triathlon Rankings.  After
considering this for about one week, we have decided to remove our name
from the rankings for the following reasons.  Due to all of the athletes,
teams and races we are sponsoring we feel that we must remain impartial and
by sponsoring a ranking system it may appear that we are trying to generate
higher rankings for our athletes.  So, to prevent any misunderstanding we
have removed our name and will not sponsor this or any other ranking

We still work very closely with Pacific Sports, who helps us select races,
and athletes to sponsor, along with providing us with Public Relations
advice.  They will be sending out some press releases in the near future
but here are a few of the exciting things we will be doing this year.

- -We recently signed a multi-year  agreement  to serve as Title Sponsor for
the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship, and Presenting Sponsor
of the USAT Elite Championship.  Both to be held in Clermont Florida.

- -As part of USAT's Race Director program we have offered a kit containing
free: Race Day, (our Carbohydrate/electrolyte and choline enhanced
beverage), cups, coolers, and banners to every USAT sanctioned race!  This
means we will be available at over 300 races in 1998.

- -We also will be fielding an exciting star studded professional triathlon
team that will be announced next week with all distances represented.
Following up on our multi-year agreement with USAT, we also will continue
our sponsorship of The USAT Resident, World and Junior teams.

- -Continuing the momentum we started last year, we will also be involved as
a major sponsor of over 40 Triathlon's, Marathons and Cycling events where
we will both sample as well as be the on-course beverage.

- -To see if there is life outside of triathlon, we have placed product with
Commander Bob Harward of the Navy Seal Team #3.  For those of you who do
not know the Commander, his Seal Team consists of a number of serious
multi-sport athletes, who are testing our products under the harshest of
conditions.   Earlier this year we also placed product with the United
States Secret Service, as well as an East Coast NBA Team one of whose
players (could be rookie of the year) will not play without our Pro
Enhancer.  He has seen how Pro Enhancer has improved his focus and

- -In 1998 we will continue our aggressive advertising program and add
elements such as direct mail.

We eagerly await the start of the 1998 triathlon season.  We are thoroughly
enjoying our relationship with the sport, the USAT, our athletes, and the
prospect of helping the United States field a winning Olympic Team.  I want
also to congratulate Katherine on building the Digest into a recognized
forum for serious discussions about the varied world of triathlon.

Yours in sport and nutrition,
Tom Cox
InterNutria Sports

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From: Lance Watson/ Lucy Smith

To Alex Frosio,

A story about a very classy Italian Duathlete, Alessandro Alessandri,
who, after winning the European Duathlon Cup Final and Series in Calais,
France, shared in his good fortunes by picking up the dinner tab for
about 20 athletes, coaches and friends that night, without letting
anyone know. So if you bump into to Alessandro, tell him Lance says "hi"
to the "Italian Rocket" (nicknamed in an ETU press release).

Lance Watson
Coach, Canada

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From: Dave Rudnicki

(slightly edited for length ...)

My name is Dave Rudnicki and I am the fiance of a Canadian female currently
competing on the ITU World Cup.  As a fan of  all forms of Triathlon and
m***supporter to an Elite athlete  I would like to  show my support for
Simon Whitfield's posting today.

Everytime I hear of the ITU vs WTC or ITU vs PTG I get so fustrated
because it is only bringing  the sport down.

Currently there are no World Cups in the States and that is a
shame for the North American Pros and the fans.  Without the
participation of this country on the World Cup the sport of triathlon
is not reaching its full potential.     In my dreamworld the
following wishes would come true:

1.  ITU and WTC would amend their differences out of court and would
work in partnership  along with other countries race organisers to
promote all aspects, distances and variations of the sport.

2.  WTC could then put there skills  towards organizing a few World
Cups in the Sates and Canada to go along with the current complement
of locations.

3.  As a result of wish 1, the Hawaii Ironman would be designated the
World Long Course Championships with points going towards overall
ITU World  Rankings.  Imagine,  some of the current ITU pros would
actully show up as their  result could  help their  ranking and
chances in making it to the 2000 Olympics.  This would be great for
the Pro field at Hawaii.

4.  The Olympic Distance World Cups would remain the same length but
would vary in profile. Half would be drafting, half would not and the
bike courses would be criterium style, traditional, hilly or  flat
out and back and the run leg would very from a flat road race to a
hilly  run on pavement or trails. Swimming would vary from fresh
water to salt water surf swims.  Imagine having a race in Montreal
Canada going up the hilly Mount Royal  loop in the centre of town
that used to be part of the UCI cycling World Cup, followed by a trail
run through the local parks in a spectator freindly setting.   This
would ensure pros had the opprtunity to excel in at least one race of
their strength.  Hilly, Flat, Drafting, no-drafting etc...  Truly,
it would take an  all around triathlete  to  rise to the top in the
overall rankings.

5.  As a result of wish 4, all the best pros would compete
against each other on a more regular basis.  Imagine the current
ITU pros going head to head with the IRONMAN pros at least once
or twice a year in different distances.  Hellriegal vs the Aussies.
or Spencer Smith back at the World Championships.  Wouldn't that be
great for triathlon.

6.  There would only be one world ranking system comprising of
results from selected Olympic distance and Longcourse races(IRONMAN).
Maybe this would lead to both distances being inthe 2004 Olympics.

7.  As a result of wish 1-6 coming true,  the sport as a whole would
benefit more financially through greater media exposure,  TV coverage
and sponsors and all pros could actually make a consistent income
that they could depend on, other than the chosen few who can say that
today .

M***of the story, the triathlon community and the key players with
the power and connections should put their differences aside and work
together for the common good of triathlon worldwide.

Dave Rudnicki, Ottawa, Canada.

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From: Jenny Rose

Subject: Innocence and the ugly monster-'greed and power'

I was intrigued to read the entry from Simon Whitfield in the Digest. There
are many things that I could say about his comments but the one thing that
struck me is the innocence of his outlook . Oh ,  where were those days ? -
I can hardly recall a time when I didn't look at triathlon as a major power
struggle between men who want to assert their ( I often think , personal )
*** onto the innnocent athletes. Simon reminded me of a time long ago
and I thank him for this.

Jenny Rose
- --------------------

From: Col Stewart

Subject: Response about Les McDonald

(slightly edited for length ...)

Me ! I got a good laugh at this very slow and questionable process
server and really must ask. Is he still being paid for the job he does so
damn well?
Bet he really does his homework. He is so well informed before he leaves
the office each day to do his job.  His likely being paid by the hour.

I really do not believe that my 'old' sparing partner Les would be too
hard to track down.  Not as though nobody knows him.

Please! please! please! Could we 'now' get on with the job of running
this sport of ours. This 'TRIATHLON' really is a ***y great sport.
Why don't we all write about that?

As Simon says:  Some of us are enjoying the ITU Series of Races.
Those that do not wish to do them.  Don't have to.
There are plenty of other races left for you ... so why fight?

Why bog down a great news digest with this dribble.

We have all made mistakes at sometime.  Why would you air them here?

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