Cleveland Takes on the ITU World

Cleveland Takes on the ITU World

Post by Douglas Maroc » Fri, 16 Aug 1996 04:00:00

The triathlon world is about to converge on Cleveland, Ohio for the
ITU World Championships.  From all indications it looks as though
Pacific Sports and Mr. Jack Caress will put on the best World
Championships to date. Many sponsors have come on board because of
Jack's leadership, race directing experience and superb marketing
skills.  With the Professional race taking place on Saturday and  Age
Groupers on Sunday, Cleveland has closed it's streets for an entire
weekend of triathlon competition.  Although it seems slightly
anticlimatic  for the US Delegation to be competing in America,
Cleveland has a tremendous amount of history and activities planned
for everyone to enjoy.  

Of major importance for the weekend is the vote for ITU President.  A
General Meeting of all participarting counties will take place to
shape the future of our sport for years to come.  Just as our
country's Presidential election has a major impact on our everday
lives, the ITU platform also shapes our lives in many ways.  Educate
yourself on all the issues and let USA Triathlon know your stance.
There are many other issues to be concerned about besides drafting.

We are fortunate to have leaders like Steve Locke and Jack Caress
representing  USA Triathlon.  With Jack directing the ITU World
Championships and Steve about to assume the ITU Presidency, the future
of our sport continues to look bright to not only US triathletes, but
to the triathlon world as a whole.

Looking forward to Cleveland,