Octel/San Jose Int' Tri

Octel/San Jose Int' Tri

Post by Kamil Grajs » Tue, 27 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Anyone know whether and where results for the 6/25/95 Octel San Jose
International Triathlon are available on-line?


Octel/San Jose Int' Tri

Post by Jon Moen » Tue, 27 Jun 1995 04:00:00

Elite and top age group (up to top 10 places) are listed on Multi-sport online
at the following connection:


It was a scorcher, it reached 105 F at peak temp during the day (I don't know
what temp was around 10 AM for most runners, but I am sure everyone agrees it
was hot. They unfortunately ran out of water at many aid stations which made
it even harder. Lot's of prizes raffled off (I didn't win didley). Pretty great
race, although I felt like I was swimming in a salmon run, I think I hit
with every stroke for the whole 1 km swim, sorry guys. Oh and for any of you
drafters out there who might be readin this, I was the one yelling obsenities
when you refused to break up your pace line, even when there was three open
lanes to ride in (20-39 year old). It was an embarrassing site, since the race
allowed every ability to avoid drafting....


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Octel/San Jose Int' Tri

Post by kur.. » Wed, 28 Jun 1995 04:00:00


> It was a scorcher, it reached 105 F at peak temp during the day (I don't know


And how about the knucklehead "Park Rangers" who wouldn't let racers,
who'd just circumnavigated the entire lake, cool off at the waters edge,
even with a motorboat idling right there because: "it's 60' deep here and
we don't have any lifeguards on duty anymore".
   Oh yeah, I hate when I drown in water deeper than 10'. What must it
have cost for insurance for this event to overcome the anal-retentive
liability nightmares of these "ranger's" handlers? Yikes!
   By the way, in spite of running out of water at two of the aid
stations, I've got to hand it to the volunteers who made the best they
could of it, handing entire jugs to racers as they went by, then running
down course to recover them and hand them off again. I think many of these
folks were from Octel, non-racers I presume, and stood out there longer
than all of us. Huge debt, thanks folks. I'll be writing them a very nice
note, for sponsorship and great volunteers. And while it lasted, *ice* in
the water! Who's brainchild was this? I think I'll give Andy a kiss next
time I see him. Whether he wants it or not.
   BTW, Holly Nybo was *smoking* on the run. Did anyone notice if she
broke a sweat? Must have won by 5 minutes plus.