Brick Work Outs

Brick Work Outs

Post by SZA » Mon, 12 Sep 1994 06:22:03

The "Brick" term was coined by Mark Sisson and I back in our "primes". The
term came up during those long hours spent on a bike and then running
while our friends were doing mundane things like dating, going to the
beach and generally having a life. Anyway, at the end of every 8 hour
workout (6 hour ride-two hour run) we would grumble in unison that line
from Pink Floyd ...."all in all, it's just another brick in the wall".
(end of pitiful attempt to find a place in triathlon history).

As far as the workouts themselves go, Mark and I have always been divided
on their benefit. For people like him (elite marathoner, good genes and a
100 mile per week running base), they made sense. For people like most of
the rest of us, they tend to cause so much stress that it makes it hard to
recover and continue to do the rest of the work. If you look at most of
todays successful ultra distance pros (not trainaholics like Tinley) they
set up a program that has combinations of workouts that build to peaks
with a lot of recovery, maybe three peaks over 6-8 weeks leading up to
each race.

Hope this helps...end of ramble

Scott Zagarino