Profile Performs as Expected

Profile Performs as Expected

Post by Jimmy Streble » Tue, 18 May 1999 04:00:00

Yuck.  Man, I guess Profile doesn't really expect $100 to buy much of an

After buying everything from Aero Is, Aero IIs, stems and handlebars made by
Profile, I made the mistake of buying some closeout Split Seconds.

As most of you already know, these things are crap.

I called Profile and they told me they'd be happy to send me more
non-functioning clamps.

They also said they've improved their design and I should buy another pair
of the latest model when it becomes available.

So, their argument appears to be:

"Yeah, we sold you crap.  Yeah, we knew it was crap.  So, now that you
already wasted money on your crap, why not buy some more crap.  We gurantee,
it'll be better crap."

I'm buying new aerobars:  Syntace.

Never buying another Profile product again, EVER.

I guess I was skeptical that Profile's products could really be as bad as
folks say, but after having seen it firsthand, I can tell you:  they're that
bad and worse.