Beginners Triathalon

Beginners Triathalon

Post by Atre » Fri, 26 Oct 2012 19:57:28

I want to do a triathalon next month aimed at beginners, it sounds not
so bad, it is a 150m swim, 7km ride and 1.5km run. Problem is I can't
run at all. Every time I try to jog or run, as soon as I go 300m or so I
am gasping for breath. I can only manage 600m at the most at a horribly
slow crawl.Even really overweight looking people jog passed me :(

I was diagnosed with asthma a few years ago but it is only meant to be
mild, because I am relatively new to asthma symptoms I am a bit unsure
of what its effects feel like.

I am about 8 kilos over a normal bmi, but I always thought myself
relatively fit? I mean not "fit" fit but at least not unfit. I ride
daily, hike, row, go to the gym. But I am thinking maybe I just have no
aerobic capability? my rides, while on weekends they vary from 20-50km,
it is on flat terrain so it is never very strenuous. Even at the gym I
just do weights and never really end up puffing.

So am I just not pushing myself and therefore have no cardio ability, or
am I just unfit, or is it asthma? should I try to push myself more when
I run to improve it? I am scared I will have an attack, but as I have
never had one I am unsure what it will feel like.

I really want to do the triathalon next month so please help! last
weekend I did a 50km bike race, and while I rode as hard as I could, I
still found it easy, so I don't understand why I am so hopeless at