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This race was the 4th World Cup race and will be aired on CBS this Sunday.  The
event took place in Whistler (ski resort town) a few hours north of Vancouver.
The setting was spectacular as I expected it to be.  The men's field was fairly
small (27) but very competitive, as was the women's (20+).  The swim was 3 500m
loops in "Lost Lake" with a 25m run between loops so the spectators could watch and
TV could keep track of how everybody's doing.  The lake was 20 C and borderline
for allowing wetsuits.  They were not allowed and I was happy with this.  The
water felt a little chilly but mostly refreshing.  In the last 2 World Cup races
I got hammered in the start so I decided to move to the far side of the banner
(a slightly longer distance to the first buoy (probably inches considering the
tangent).  I knew I had made the right decision when the gun went off.  I was
swimming a little behind Nate Llerandi and the pack was off to my left hammering
away.  It was a race to the first buoy.  I had no one around me and I could
really get into my stroke.  By the first turn I was in good position.  The first
lap I was top 10 and not far behind leaders.  I felt great and dove in for the
second lap.  I could see a few guys not too far ahead and tried to bridge the gap.
I caught them halfway through the second lap and for the third lap just sat on
their feet.  It felt too easy but I didn't see the sense in wasting any more energy
so just sat in.  I ended up exiting the water 8th 35 seconds down on the leader
(Nate Llerandi) and raced for my bike.  

The bike course was 40K and consisted of 7 "laps" which actually turned out to be
very hilly.  The first half of the loop was mostly downhill with some small uphill
and a little flat sections to a 180 degree turn and back up.  I went out hard
in the first lap to try to not lose time to the leaders.  Lach Vollmerhause and
Chip Slater of Australia were with me initially but wanted nothing to do with my
pace so fell off immediately.  Near the turnaround I could see Andrew MacMartin, Brad
Beven, Dave Smit leading, with Llerandi slightly behind.  Wes Hobson was briding
the gap up to them and there I was alone.  This was a drafting legal race and I
was upset at Lach and Chip for falling off so quickly.  After the first lap Frank
Clarke of Canada steamrolled by me and I stuck on him for a bit but felt he was
just too strong and let him go.  Soon Hobson and MacMartin were leading and Llerandi
ended up rolling a tire and was forced to dropout.  Beven suffered mechanical trouble
(I think he just gave up with all the climbing) and soon I was in 5th place.  I
had been alone for 15K or so and was feeling very tired.  I could see a big pack
coming up from behind and decided to wait till they caught.  They went by me and
I snuck in.  The pack included 3 Swiss (Christoph Mauch, Markus Keller, JC Guichard),
Ricardo Gonzales of Mexico, and Slater of Australia.  I was at the back and almost
lost them on a descent.  I was losing concentration and on the 5th lap I lost contact
completely.  I definitely need to work on my pack skills.  The next 2 laps were
very difficult and I lost 1:45 to that pack (a grave error on my part for losing
The run started at the lake and meandered along a nice trail for about 5K.  The
last half of the run was 4 laps on a loop lined with many spectators.  I ran mostly
alone on the run, feeling very strong.  I caught one Swiss guy and almost caught
Gonzales of Mexico.  I finished 8th overall and was pleased.  Here are the offical

1. Andrew MacMartin     CAN     19:57   58:20   29:50   1:48:06
2. Frank Clarke         CAN     21:14   58:12   29:26   1:48:52
3. Christoph Mauch      SUI     21:38   58:22   29:35   1:49:34
4. Markus Keller        SUI     21:35   58:37   29:34   1:49:45
5. Wes Hobson           USA     20:25   57:51   31:50   1:50:06
6. Chip Slater          AUS     20:31   59:32   30:46   1:50:49
7. Ricardo Gonzales     MEX     21:17   58:52   31:16   1:51:25
8. Andy Kelsey          USA     20:33 1:01:14   29:49   1:51:36
9. JC Guichard          SUI     21:21   58:55   32:03   1:52:18
10. Jim Riccetello      USA     22:09 1:00:05   30:16   1:52:30


1. Sabine Westhoff      GER     2:01:12
2. Martha Sorensen      USA     2:03:28
3. Melissa Mantak       USA     2:05:23
4. Donna Peters         USA     2:05:24
5. Gail Lawrence        USA     2:05:34


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