"Do a REAL Iron Man" sic

"Do a REAL Iron Man" sic

Post by Phil Squir » Mon, 29 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Here in sunny Sweden there is a free magazine / paper called "Sportguiden"
They concentrate mostly on Aerobics / Strength training and "fitness" which
now seems to have a particular competition attached to it? They do cover
other sports including adventure racing and this month there is a big
article on the NY Marathon, with a few basic ideas for beginners.

In the reader's letters column someone had written in asking for an article
on Iron Man (sic) particularly the race in Sweden in a place called Kalmar.
We call it "J?rnmannen" ie The Ironman... The magazine's answer was along
the lines of "If you're going to do an Ironman, it has to be the original,
Hawaii," With
the implication that anything else isn't worth it, and is somewhat wimpy.

I replied to their e-mail address, using all the bile I could summon but
sadly the published address is wrong.

There, I've got that off my chest and I'm off out for a "real" 15km run.

Phil Squire