Digest: February 12

Digest: February 12

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Triathlon Digest: Thursday, February 12, 1998
Vol. 2, No. 31
Published by Triathlon Central

In This Issue:
         * Election of USA Triathlon officers (from Steve Locke, USA)
         * A thank-you (from Col Stewart, Australia)
         * Swiss indoor triathlon (from Reinhard Standke, Switzerland)
         * A Zimbabwean duathlete's perspective (from Andy Foggin, Zimbabwe)

Note from Katherine:
        The lack of a Triathlon Digest on Wednesday was due to the lack of
Digest submissions. Send your news, details, ponderings, announcements and

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Excerpt from USA Triathlon Weekly Report:

Officer elections for the 1998 term were held last weekend with the
following results:

Jonathan Grinder-President
Chris Larkin-Vice President
Sharron Ackles-Secretary General
Mike Highfield-Treasurer

Athlete Representative-the USAT Athletes Advisory Council will select one of
the three elite athlete board directors as the athlete rep on the Board's
executive committee.

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From: Col Stewart

Subject: Thank you


I personally would like to send my thanks for the many very kind words
that have been offered to myself, Miles and my family -- Kelly-Anne,
Anthony and Lincoln, my youngest.

Being part of this sport is like having another family.  A family of
people that have hearts and have untold strengths.   These strengths are on
offer to those that are needing of them. We were then, and still are, a very
close family, as those that know us, will attest to.

Margaret was one of the beautiful people.  She will, I am sure, remain in
the hearts of all those that knew her -- those that just dropped around
after training for that always-friendly chat and cuppa with her, or even
just to pick up the left swim bag.   To those that knew her beauty, as a

Again it's hard, but from my heart, I thank you.

From :-  Col & Miles Stewart and our family

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From: Reinhard Standke

Subject: Swiss indoor triathlon

While we still enjoy perfect and sunny skiing conditions in the Swiss Alps,
a indoor triathlon "show down" will be held next Saturday in Spreitenbach in
the Zurich area. 18 athletes will be competing the super sprint distance of
300 m swimming, 5 km cycling and 1.8 km running .... in a shopping center!

"There will be stars like Natascha Badmann, Magali Messmer, Dolorita Gerber,
Markus Keller, Christoph Mauch, Peter Alder and Olivier Bernhard at the
start line", says race director Adrian Buergi, one the the Swiss national
coaches. Swimming will be hold in Spreitenbach's Indoor swimming pool, then
the athletes pass a restaurant to reach transition area placed in the
shopping mall.

In order to promote triathlon, every couragous allcomer can have a try on
triathlon (or duathlon) all day next week. Find the elite's race results in
Sunday's digest or on www.trisuisse.ch

Reinhard Standke
Press Officer Swiss Triathlon Federation

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Subject: Triathlon in Zimbabwe

(Note from Katherine: This was actually a private note to me, never
intended for publication, so some apologies are first due to Andy. It was
his response to my question a few weeks ago to the pros among the Digest
subscribers - what is your 1998 competitive schedule? He makes some great
points, and lends a real perspective to those who are fully accustomed to
the grand triathlon lifestyle in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia:)


... You may be wondering who I am because you're unlikely ever to have
heard of me and I have not previously introduced myself.  My name is
Andrew Foggin, I'm 27 years old and I live in Harare, Zimbabwe.  As  far
as I know I'm the only person in the country receiving your list.

I claim to be an elite duathlete, although there are very few duathlons
happening in my part of the world.  So far the only two major events I've
been able to do have been Powerman South Africa (1996, placed 9th) and
Zofingen (1997, finished - just!).  I'm also the current Zimbabwe national
champion, but this event was last held in 1995!

Triathlon is a much more popular sport in Zimbabwe, and I compete locally
as an elite, although I'm somewhat hampered by a very weak swim.  I
occasionally represent the national team and have secured second place in
the current national sprint distance series.  My best position in the
national championships has been 2nd (1996), and in the African
championships, 10th (1995, in my second standard distance event).

My other sport is cycling.  Last season I captained the national team. I've
been national road (1995) and time trial (1994, 1995) champion.

On the organization side I'm Duathlon Coordinator for the Zimbabwe
Triathlon Association.  I plan to organize several development duathlons
over the next few months, in an attempt to introduce multisport to a
general population almost totally lacking in swimming facilities and
skills.  This is a new position for me and I'm finding it extremely hard to
work, organize and train and compete at the elite level.  Any helpful hints
in this area would be much appreciated!  I'm also chairman of Rolf Valley
Triathlon Club (very part time).

Given the relative weakness of these sports in Zimbabwe, these achievements
aren't really anything, and I'm not trying to boast.   ... You recently
asked for elite athletes to contribute some idea of their  racing
schedules.  Let me give you a Zimbabwean perspective on this.

While I'd love to do the international duathon circuit, and believe I have the
potential to suceed there, I simply cannot afford it, and nor can anybody
else.  In the last two months the Zimbabwe dollar has lost 50 percent of
its value and this has made the difficult impossible.  The cost of
competing in one race such as Zofingen is now equivalent to more that half
of my old take-home salary - as manager of an IT department for a large
organization!  Needless to say I shan't be going back this year.  Of the
national associations, only triathlon provides any funding, and that is for
a team to compete in the African championship once a year.  I will only be
competing in regional events this year, and in cycling at the Commonwealth
Games, for which the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee will pay.

So my racing program looks something like this:

Feb 8 - National standard series event #3, Ncema, Zimbabwe
Feb 14-15 Zimbabwe Iron Tour, Harare
Feb 21 - National sprint series evant #5, Triangle, Zimbabwe
Mar 1 - National standard series event #4, Mutoroshanga, Zimbabwe
Mar 4-8  - (cycling) Giro del Capo, Cape Town, South Africa (depending on
Mar 15 - National championship, Harare, Zimbabwe
Mar 28 - African championship, Swakopmund, Namibia (if I make the team)
May 10 - Powerman South Africa duathlon
May 15-17 - (cycling) Zimbabwe Tour
Aug - (cycling) Tour of Mauritius
Sep - (cycling) Commonwealth Games, Malaysia

with other local cycling races too numerous to mention.

I'm quite sure the list would not be interested in the racing schedule of a
minor Zimbabwean athlete.  I can however offer to contribute the occasional
report on the more important local races.  If you think such contributions
would be appreciated, let me know by e-mail and I'll see what I can come up
with. ...

(Katherine again: Thanks, Andy. And now for the 100 or so pros who have NOT
responded about their 1998 schedules, how 'bout it?).

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