Digest: February 16

Digest: February 16

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Triathlon Digest: Monday, February 16, 1998
Vol. 2, No. 35
Published by Triathlon Central

In This Issue:
        * Results from 10th Caioba Short Triathlon in Brazil (from Helio
Takai, Brazil)
        * Results from 1st Punta Puyai Triathlon in Chile (from Rodrigo
Salas, Chile)
        * Results from 1st Triathlon International in Argentina (from
Lauren Jensen, USA)
        * Results from St. George Formula 1 race - Round 2 (from Andrew
Fraser, Australia)
        * Results from Tri NSW Championship race at Wyong on Feb. 8
        * Results from 1st Swiss Indoor Triathlon (from Reinhard Standke,
        * Update on Bill Smith's condition (from John Lunt, Britain)
        * Question about ITU World juniors competition (from Jenny Garcia,
        * Followup on Triathlon Australia website (from Paul Smith, Australia)

- --------------------
From: Helio Takai

Subject: 10th Caioba Short Triathlon, Brazil

10th Caioba Short Triathlon
Caioba Beach, Parana State, Brazil, 15th February
750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run

1. Mark Bates, Canada                                          53:35
2. Leandro Macedo,  Brasilia/DF, Brasil                 54:14
3. Alexandre Manzan, Brasilia/DF, Brasl                 54:24
4. Virgilio de Castilho, Rio de Janeiro/RJ, Brasil      54:38
5. Armando Barcelos, Nitorei/RJ, Brasil                  55:03
6. Luiz Catta Preta Filho, Curitiba/PR, Brasil           55:07
7. Leonardo J. Casadio, Juiz de Fora/MG, Brasil    55:38
8. Juraci Moreira Jr., Curitiba/PR, Brasil                 55:45
9. Marcos V. Ornellas, Niteroi/RJ, Brasil                55:58
10. Daniel Vist, Caxias do Sul/RS, Brasil                56:48

1. Carol Montgomery, Canada                            1:01:14
2. Adriana C. Piacsek, Santo Andre/SP, Brasil    1:02:06
3. Carla Moreno, Sao Carlos/SP, Brasil              1:03:02
4. Fernanda Keller, Niteroi/RJ, Brasil                  1:03:48
5. Vanessa Cabrine, Curitba/PR, Brasil               1:04:14
6. Sandra Soldan, Sao Paulo/SP, Brasil               1:04:20
7. Renata M. Lassance, Niteroi/RJ, Brasil            1:04:50
8. Silvia Nabuco, Sao Paulo/SP, Brasil                1:05:00
9. Maria Jose Moreira, S.B. Campo/SP, Brasil    1:05:14
10. Cristina de Carvalho, Guaruja/SP, Brasil        1:05:48

- --------------------

From: Rodrigo Salas
Subject: Punta Puyai Triathlon, Chile

Punta Puyai International Triathlon, Chile
February 15
1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run

1. Matias Brain, Chile  2:01:02
2. Javier Rosas, Mexico 2:01:42
3. Tony De Boom, USA    2:01:55
4. Christian Bustos, Chile      2:04:50
5. Patrick Brown, USA   2:05:22
6. Francisco Zurob, Chile       2:06:21
7. Nick Southwell, Canada       2:12:12
8. Vincente Bobadilla, Chile    2:13:49

1. Claudia Cortes, Chile        2:25:14
2. Ana Lecumberri, Chile        2:29:59
3. Pamela Niedmann, Chile       2:32:55
4. Paula Salazar, Chile 2:40:36

Notes: Chuckie "V" dropped out with a flat tire; it was a bad day for
Cristian Bustos, but an exciting race in all. Next race is Sunday, 22
February, at Puerto Velero, Chile (750m-20k-5k).

- --------------------
From: Lauren Jensen
Subject: 1st Triathlon International results

1st Triathlon International, Mar del Plata, Argentina, Feb. 15
1.5k S, 40k B, 10k R

Pro women:
1. Sian Welch, USA
2. Lauren Jensen, USA
3. Ute Mueckel, Germany
4. Sue Latshaw, USA

(These results come from US pro Lauren Jensen, one of several pros who
stayed in South America following last week's Santos triathlon to race
again in Brazil, Chile or Argentina. Race was on the same course used by
the 1996 Pan American Games, involving two-loop swim in the ocean, five-lap
technical cycle and a three-lap hilly run. Unfortunately, her report didn't
include either men's results or times. Next time, Lauren, eh?)

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To: Triathlon Digest
From: Andrew Fraser
Subject: St. George Formula 1 - Round 2 results from Geelong

Notes: The series' Round 2 at Geelong, Victoria, on 15 February involved a
Triple Super Sprint for the men and a Double Super Sprint for the women.

Miles Stewart won the first race, Brad Beven the second and Peter Robertson
the third. But Beven fared the best overall on the day, finishing ahead of
Stewart in the final race, to maintain his unbeaten record in this format.
Jackie Gallagher won both races to continue her *** in the women's

The five-round series next moves to Southport, Gold Coast, QLD, on 15
March; to Novatel Twin Waters Resort, QLD, on 21 March; and to Sydney,
on 29 March.

St. George Formula 1 - Round 2 results (with placing for each race)
1.  Brad Beven  4-1-2
2.  Miles Stewart       1-3-3
3.  Peter Robertson     5-7-1
4.  Trent Chapman       2-6-5
5. Greg Welch   7-4-4
6. Courtney Atkinson    6-2-9
7. Shane Reed   10-11-6
8.  Andrew Johns        8-8-11
9.  Andrew Noble        3-16-10
10. Bryce Quirk         12-15-7
11. Craig Alexander     13-14-8
12. Levi Maxwell        18-5-13
13. Darren Carnell      17-9-12
14. Chris Hill  14-10-14
15. Jan Rehula, CZE     16-12-15
16. Lothar Leder, GER   9-17-19
17. Paul Amey, NZL      15-18-16
18. Simon Knowles       19-13-18
19. Jason Metters       21-21-17
20. Lach Vollmerhause   20-20-20
21. Greg Bennett        11-19-DNS
22. Ben Sanson, FRA     DNF-DNS-DNS
23. Chippy Slater       DNS-DNS-DNS

1. Jackie Gallagher     1-1
2. Melanie Mitchell     3-2
3. Nicole Hackett       2-3
4. Loretta Harrop       4-4
5. Barb Lindquist, USA  5-7
6. Tracy Hargreaves     6-8
7. Rina Hill    11-5
8. Beth Thomson 10-6
9.  Lena Edmonston      8-9
10. Joanne King 7-11
11. Leanda Cave 12-10
12. Rebekah Keat        14-12
13. Nicole Andronicus   9-DNF
14. Angela Milne      13-DNS

- -----------------
Triathlon NSW Championship - Feb. 8
Wyong, New South Wales, Australia
1.5k S, 40k B. 10k R

1. Luke Grattan, ACT, 1:51:11
2. Bruce Thomas, Castle Hill, 1:51:48
3. Chris Lee, Cronulla, 1:52:37
4. Mick Maroney, 1:54:44
5. Levi Maxwell, 1:55:01

1. Melissa Ashton, Connell's Point, 2:06:08
2. Belinda Smith, Randwick, 2:08:37
3. Marissa Iddon, Western Australia, 2:13:59

- --------------------
To: Triathlon Digest
From: Reinhard Standke
Subject: 1st Swiss Indoor Triathlon

1st Swiss Indoor Triathlon
Spreitenbach, near Zurich, Switzerland, 14 February
300m swim, 5k stationary bike, 1.8k run (in a shopping center)

Finals: Men
1. Markus Keller (Egg ZH) 11:59
2. Reto Hug (Buchs SG) 12:17
3. Dominik Rechsteiner (Kronbuhl) 12:20
4. Michael Schwarz (Uster) 12:33

Finals: Women
1. Magali Messmer (Belmont/Lausanne) 13:41
2. Natascha Badmann (Winznau) 13:51
3. Dolorita Gerber (Rheinau ZH) 14:20
4. Brigitte McMahon (Baar) 14:28

Notes: Triathletes had to run from the indoor pool through a fitness center
and restaurant (!) to reach the stationary bikes, followed by a run through
an interested and applauding crowd. Racing was intense, as bike splits
reached over 60k per hour for women and nearly 80k for men. Olivier
Bernhard and Peter Alder were absent due to feverish colds. See photos on

- ---------------------

Subject: Re: Bill Smith update

News on Bill Smith as of SUNDAY 15.2.98,

Bill's condition is showing signs of concern. There has been a
deteriation in his well being, and he is not as coherent as before.
The next few days will be crucial as to his recovery

Barbara is in good spirits and forever hopeful.

I'm sure I can extend my support to all Smith family from the entire
global triathlon family who have had the pleasure in spending some time
in Bill's company.

We all hope for a  recovery.

I will try and update the information as to his progress each week.

John Lunt

- --------------------

From: Jenny Garcia in Venezuela
Subject: junior elite

After the Australia Triathlon World's, I was wondering why it is now an
obligation to be a junior elite without other choices. It is true that many
juniors will become professionals, but without doubt, most won't be. Anyway they
have to compete with very, very strong juniors like the Australians, which I am
sure will be elite as soon as they have the age.

So, in the Worlds, Venezuela's only female junior -- as well as some
Americans and Mexicans and 20 other juniors from around the world -- had to
get out of the race because they were lapped. The very long trip to get
there competely vanished in a few minutes. How do you justify this to the
federation or sponsors that pay your tickets to Australia (a three-day trip from

There most be something wrong if so many juniors are lapped (I know, the
first ones are too good). So why can't there be a junior age group for
those who won't be professionals but will remain age-groupers like most of
us? Does anybody have an answer for this?

Jenny Garcia in Caracas
(and I am not a junior)

- --------------------
From: Paul Smith

Subject: Triathlon Australia Web Site

Apologies for not giving the address of the Web Site in my
last post - I said everything I wanted to say except the
most obvious!!!

The Triathlon Australia Web Site lives at:


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