PB's Ironman New Zealand 1999 Training Diary: Week 3 of 12

PB's Ironman New Zealand 1999 Training Diary: Week 3 of 12

Post by Paul Wilso » Tue, 05 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Hello Everyone

Here is the third edition of my Ironman NZ Training Diary. Read the
notes below to see how the week went for me!

Regards, PB

              SWIM                BIKE                 RUN
              #      m    hrs     #      km    hrs     #    km    hrs
Mon  28-Dec   1   2200 1:00:00                         1  16.0 1:16:00
Tue  29-Dec                                            1   6.5 0:31:00
Wed  30-Dec
Thu  31-Dec                       1   62.50 2:20:00
Fri  1-Jan    1    400 0:10:00    1  117.00 4:07:00
Sat  2-Jan
Sun  3-Jan

TOTAL         2   2600 1:10:00    2  179.50 6:27:00    2  22.5 1:47:00

Training Days   4
Sessions        6
Training Time   9:24:00 hrs
Avg. Weight     82.2 kg

After not so great a week in week #2 I was looking for some good
training in this week. I started off woth a good swim session followed
by my long run (from last week). I was pleased with this.

On Tuesday the keys to the garage were gone and so I missed my ride -
but I did an easy run instead as my left calf was especially sore from

After this effort my left calf was in terrible shape until the end of
the week. I was unable to consider running until Friday.

Wednesday off. Thursday was a good ride session including a few small
hills. Felt really strong! On Friday I decided to do my long ride for
the week. This ride incorporates a few hills (about 20km) but is mostly

Took it easy with a headwind most of the way. Only has two PowerGels and
so bonked in last 20km, but glad to do this ride. Did a small ocean swim

On Friday afternoon disaster struck! I have never sunburned the top of
my feet until this day, but I did it good and proper this time!!!

Both feet swelled up really badly and I was unable to wear shoes (or
even walk properly) for two days - all weekend. Hence no training. I
cannot believe this.

So a poor end to the week which should have been much better.

Until next time.

PB  :-)

Footnote: On Monday of week four I was able to wear shoes and begin
training again. I also received confirmation of my IMNZ entry!!!