Q-Roo Wetsuit..What remains

Q-Roo Wetsuit..What remains

Post by Steve Har » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Here's what I have remaining in 1996 wetsuits:


Quickjohn:      $99.99
Longjohn:       $120.99
Full:           $155.99

Hydro LJ:       $154.99
Hydro Full:     $199.99

Here's what's here:

Hydro Longjohn:
xs, s, med small, med short, ms short, ml short, ml

xs, s, ms short, med short, ml short, ml

Hydro full:
m, l, xl

s, l, ml short, ml


wm quickjohn
wl longjohn
wxs longjohn

wm full
wxs full hydro
wm full hydro

That's all she wrote

Gimme a ring today! I have a multiple of some suits and only 1 of others.


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