Multisport & Road Racing

Multisport & Road Racing

Post by Frank Tantill » Mon, 31 Aug 1998 04:00:00

Is there anyone out there who competes (either successfully or
unsuccessfully) in both multisport events and road (including crits)
racing?  As someone who loves both, but is wondering if it is impossible
for them to coexist while competing with work, some semblance of a
social life, etc., I'd love to hear everyone's experiences.

Does running leave your legs dead for the Saturday club race?  It seems
that cycling is all about power, short anaerobic bursts in road and crit
events, while the time trial leg of a duathlon requires a sustained
power output just short of going anaerobic.

There is nothing in traditional multisport training that prepares you
for the stop and go of a 4 corner criterium.  Hang on for dear life at
the beginning, try and recover in the middle with no chance of having
the legs to attack, and then hang on at the end while some monster
sprints by you at 35 mph.  And this is Cat 4/5!

Conversely, running 10K after a time trial is another type of pain that
all the cycling intervals in the world will not prepare you for.