URGENT REQUEST: Olympic Trials results.

URGENT REQUEST: Olympic Trials results.

Post by Judge R » Fri, 12 Jun 1992 18:14:06

I need the results for the Womens 100m and 200m ***roke at the
U.S and Australian Olympic trials. The top three places, with times,
would be ideal, but the top two will do. I need these results as
soon as possible (ie: sometime before 1430 GMT). Ok, now for the reason.

There is a girl called Gina Galligan here in Ireland who is ranked 19th
in the World on the Olympic 2-per-country rankings and who is trying to
gain a place on the Irish Olympic team. Unfortunately the Olympic Council
of Ireland have told her that she cannot go, despite the fact that they are
considering a lower ranked swimmer for the 200m Fly. This smacks of injustice
and so the Swimming Association (IASA) is trying to force the OCI to reconsider.
Their main argument (the IASA's that is) is that Gina has a similar time
to that of the second place girls in both the U.S and Australian teams.
I need the times to prove this case. There will be a press conference
later today and I need the results before that.

Please try to help send this girl to the Olympics, she deserves it.

Thanks in advance,

Donncha Redmond.

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