Need info on NJ area tris in September

Need info on NJ area tris in September

Post by Krishna Pras » Fri, 10 Sep 1993 00:38:42

I signed up for a sprint triathlon on this coming Sunday,
September 12 called the Skylands Triathlon in Spruce Run State
Park in NJ.  But it looks like it may get changed to a biathlon
because the water level in the reservoir is too low.  After
reading the exploits of all you netters all summer, I was
really psyched for this race and will be really disappointed
to have to do a mere biathlon instead.  

Would anyone know of a triathlon anywhere else in the next
couple of weeks that I could try?  Realistically, I can only
handle about 1K to 1.5K swim, 15 miles or so on the bike and
5 miles or so run.  

E-mail would be preferred, since the notice is short.  

Thanks in advance.

Krishna Prasad

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