Steve's '97 web site almost done!

Steve's '97 web site almost done!

Post by Steve Har » Sun, 15 Dec 1996 04:00:00

Steve's News:

Text should be up by monday and pictures coming in 2-3 weeks. My web guy
has picked up the "offical disc" and has started work today.

Swim Clinic in the works! Feb date is tentative and our own Laurie Hug is
gonna be there. I'll post the details soon.

My frame is slowly getting there. Still working out a few bugs but still
shooting for the spring.

New products for 1997!
Extreme frames, You gotta see these!
Sidi shoes, tri and road shoes
Steve's W-bottle carrier goes high tech with a CO2 adapter
Vittoria tri tires! Who says Conti is the only one  out there!
Tubes!!! LONG VALVE TUBES AVAILABLE NOW!!! Yippee! No adapters!!
CardioSport Heart Monitors. Better then Polar, just maybe!
Giro Helmets! Yes I have the new Vento coming soon!
AeroNet Bags and running belts. Carry your nutritonal products on your
bike and run!

Much more to come this year! Check out the new Web Site and let me know
what you think!!

Thanks everyone and have a great holiday season!!


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