AD: New updates/specials..Steve's Multisport

AD: New updates/specials..Steve's Multisport

Post by Steve's Multispor » Mon, 02 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Got a bit of work done at 4:00 am last night. Changed the kid in under 7
minutes! Ok, I got a bit of "stuff" on me but hey, I'm only on diaper 11
of my life!

I made some updates on the site. A few new specials and used bikes

New products just arriving:

Northwave 98 shoes. Definately worth taking a look at.
Limar Helmets. Breaking into the tri market. Sponsoring Ken Glah
Profile Fast Forward 98 posts:  Lighter and in stock
650c Training wheels: In house built with Ultegra hubs, Mavic CXP-12
rims, double butted spokes.  ONly $150
650c Training tires for $19 and tubes for $4.99 in long valve
98 QR's in stock with FREE SHIPPING and specials on Speedplay Pedals
with purchase

Take a look and if you have any questions, email me. A few days, and
I'll be back into the swing of things.

Steve's Multisport