Mike & Robs MOST Excellent TRI, IQ

Mike & Robs MOST Excellent TRI, IQ

Post by Bryan D. Hoadl » Thu, 20 Aug 1992 11:14:35

Quick report from Mike & Rob's Most Excellent Triathlon, Ventura CA
1/2 Ironman(1.2mi, 52mi, 13.1mi)  and Ironman Qualifier!!!

Weather: Perfect to Hot, Water was 66 to 68, clear sky, and wind.


We started the swim 3/4 a mile down from the transition area.  Men under 29
went first and a few of the older Pro's joined us, such as Emilo De Soto.
We started up on the beach and ran into ocean, very chaotic but we had plenty
of room.  The swim had two legs, the first was straight out .4 miles along
the Ventura pier, then a left and followed a diagonal along the shore for .8
miles to the transition.  I just missed the main pack and had to fight out
the swim on my own.  I realized that I was all over the place, not being
able to hold a straight line.  When I finally exited the water, I looked
at my watch and "OH SHIT", I forgot to start it.  Well, I figured the swim
just took forever.

In the transition, here comes my good friend Steve Ferrario and main age
group competitor.  Yes, I am doing better than I thought.  Steve was 1st
Ametuer at Wildflower this year and is very good.  I was out of the transition
very fast, even with the long beach run to the bikes.  I knew Steve would
be coming by on the Bike really soon so I thought I would make it tough.  

The course was pancake flat but the wind was picking up very fast.  Steve came
by me about 3 miles into the bike and yelled at me to go with him.  I just
smiled and let him get a little ahead.  The next 45 miles we played tag with
each other, he was a minute up, then 15 seconds then a minute.  I was happy
to be feeling so good and to be staying up with him.  One portion of the
bike is a 3 mile out and back so you get to see the leaders.  At this point
I figured I was maybe top 20.  1,2,3,4 ... a pack all working together of 4
steve was 9, then WOW, I was in 10nth.  In the next 5 miles I passed 5 guys
and moved into 5 place, never been that high in a race with 1000 people before
so I was really e***d but I wasn't pushing too hard either.  As I went buy
the group of four, I yelled at them for drafting but they didn't seem to care.
I have never seen such a blatant foul in my life.  They were actually working
in a pace line.  The course was such that you could see them for miles.  I
was really e***d when I caught and DROPPED them, they need to learn how to
ride.  Unfortunately, I know two of the guys but I didn't get to lay into them
yet but the next time I see them, watch out.  Drafting like that just ruins
the race for everyone!  I heard that they all might have gotten a time penalty
but I sure didn't see any officals!

So I came into the transition, feeling good and in sixth.  Oh ya, about
two miles before the finish a guy passed me but I let him go since I was
starting to spin out my legs for the run.  52 mile bike down, 2 hours flat.

The run started out good, I heard the announcer mention my name then mention
that I should watch out because Emilo DeSoto was about to run me down.  Sure
enough he passed me in the first quarter mile, but I gave him a little
cushion and then maintained my position.  Mile 1, 6:20, Mile 5, 31:10, Mile 7
42:00, Mile 10, 61:10....I was having a great run until I hit mile 10. Then
from out of no where two guys passed me.  Could I be slowing that much?  Well,
I was...I managed to hold on and finished the run in 1:21 for 13.1 miles.  My
best ever after a bike of this length. My total time was 3:52:30 which was good
for 14th overall and 5th in my agegroup.  But 3 of the guys in front of me
were Pro's so I actually got 2nd and I was 5th Ametuer overall.  By far my best
race ever.  To top it off, I qualified for the Hawaii Ironman again...Oh
Shit am I ready for this?  To make this race even better, I beat Steve who
has beaten five times in the last year.  

Overall winner was Alex Begg in 3:43 to 3:45...I forgot and John Black was
second.  Many Pros were here trying to get the overall prize of a trip to
Japan for the Strongman and tons of Ametuers wanting those spots to Hawaii!

Quick notes of race itself.  Good course overall except... bike course crossed
at least 13 sets of railroad tracks and some other things.  Had 25 flats at
one spot, bummer!  The aid stations on the run were NOT set up when the
first guys went through, only at miles 4 and 5 and as the temp went up close
to 90, miles later in the day were where we felt it.  Everyone was pissed
about this.  One last note; way too expense, $79, for what?  Tee-shirt, I
got too many, but I guess thats the NEW price for IQ races these days.  Plenty
of volunteers on the bike but almost no food.

Well, I'm e***d and nervous but nothing compares to how bad I was last
year.  Time to start training!  I just hope I don't lose too much speed!

Sorry for the lack of detail but I was too e***d to care too much about
anyone else...No offense!