Runner's Web Digest

Runner's Web Digest

Post by Ken Parke » Mon, 24 Sep 2012 00:43:18

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Friday's Digest topics:
1. Canova 101
How training principles from one of the world's leading marathon
coaches can make you a better runner.
2. Real Altitude vs. "Fake" Altitude
3. For Weight Loss, Less Exercise May Be More
4. Does Massage Therapy Really Work for Runners?
5. Seven Ways To Improve Speed Without Increasing Mileage
6. Marathon Specificity: How to Kick-Start Your Training
7. Best Options for Pre and Post Running Snacks
8. Dr. Gabe Mirkin's Fitness and Health e-Zine
9. The Great Cadence Debate
Stride rate is important to note and improve but only part of the
10. Acupuncture: is there any point?
11. 6 Steps to Barefoot Running
12. Exaggerating Your Race Results
13. Exercise May Protect Against Future Emotional Stress, Study Shows
14. Human Muscle, Regrown on Animal Scaffolding
15. This Week in Running


Winter is coming! Where do you run during the winter months?
Indoor track

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These marathons were rated the top 10 in the world by Runner's World.
Which of them belong in your top ten?
Answers Percent Votes
1 Amsterdam 9% 94
2 Berlin 10% 104
3 Boston 11% 114
4 Chicago 11% 107
5 Honolulu 9% 94
6 London 10% 104
7 New York City 11% 111
8 Paris 10% 98
9 Rotterdam 10% 97
10 Stockholm 9% 92
Total Votes: 1015

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