POLAR Vantage NV in San Francisco?

POLAR Vantage NV in San Francisco?

Post by John O'Conno » Mon, 20 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Where would I be able to buy a POLAR Vantage NV and the POLAR Advantage
Interface System (for the NV) in San Francisco?

A friend of mine will be staying at

The Holiday Inn
Fisherman's Wharf
1300 Colombus(?) Ave
San Francisco

and I was wondering where they would have to go to get one. Would large
bike stores carry them? And If so where are they?
Names and phone numbers would be great, and an address if possible. (I
need the phone number to arrange payment)
If there is a great store a bit further away but would probably be able
to courier it to the hotel, then their number's would be great too. (Just
say its a bit further away so I know. My US geography isn't that good)

Thanx a lot for at least reading this. I've always found
rec.sport.triathlon to be one of the most helpful newsgroups. You guys
(and gals) always seem to be able to find the time to answer all of my
meaningless posts. (I guess there is an international  bond between
tri-geeks too).