we've added features!

we've added features!

Post by Mike Schwin » Mon, 14 Feb 2000 04:00:00

We hope you find these useful and valuable over time.

Today we announced the first of a bunch of new features on

1. Where will you be?
    - Negates the need for the frequent - "Who's going to be at race XXXX?"
questions. Tell folks where you'll be, search for friends, or avoid
2. Profiles! Learn about your favorite RST'rs in their own words. Add a
picture and your profile can look as cool as Phil's does.
3. Add a URL. Add your very own tri-home pages and leave me some extra time
for training!

We hope you find them to be of use. They're new, so we expect a few
problems...let us know how they work out, and please visit. Phil worked his
***off on these database apps.